Silver tray...seriously, what do you do with THAT!?

You can find them in thrift stores and maybe even in the back of your mother's hutch! I have several of my grandmother's up in the attic. Old "silver" serving trays. 

I happen to find one in a box of goodies I bought at an auction.  It wasn't "old" but it was fairly nice....not a cheapo. What to do, what to do. 

 Seriously, who uses silver trays any more...nobody, so you have to find SOMETHING to do with them!

First, I tried painting it with chalkboard paint.  After curing over night, I pretty much scraped it off with my fingernail.

That was an epic FAIL!

Magnets? Dry erase? How about BOTH!!!!

I had some left over round magnets from another project so I glued some little black pom-poms on them, glued one on the end of a dry-erase marker for an glued a piece of magnet on the marker...and there you have it!  

A magnetic dry erase board!

I also hot glued a frame hanger on the back.... 

Or you can hot glue magnets on the back and stick it to your fridge...that would be cool! 

I have a plain ole' white dry erase board on my fridge. 

This one is a lot prettier!