MORE fall projects....

Okay, you are probably tired of all the fall projects.  But if you do a little or add a little every year, you will end up with so much fall decor you will seriously contemplate getting a storage unit.   (I checked...adding decking in the attic was cheaper!)

I added this little touch to all my doors and windows last year.... 

A simple little thing that really makes statement!   

I bought the little fall candle know, those little "wreaths" you set a big fat candle in.  I think they were 60% off at Hobby they ended up being less than $5 a piece! I added a pretty little ribbon (again, fall ribbon was on sale!), then I tacked them to my awesome black doors and above the windows!!   

I also made a few more fall urns.  You can find a tutorial here on how to make them. I found 2 black urns on clearance at Lowe's weeks ago.  I had a little scarecrow thing that was kinda corny so I wasn't going to display it anywhere, but it looked pretty cute in the urn!

I also had a few branches leftover from my project here so I stuck them in one of the urns.  These urns are smaller than the ones I made a few weeks ago so they really didn't take a lot of material!

Seriously simple little projects that take little effort or money but really dress up the place!!!