Best laid plans....

The nemesis. 

If you have been following along, you know I am in the middle of a full blown "makeover" of my den!  

I did all the right things...I gathered my inspiration, I drew up a plan and made a detailed list and then I started working that plan!

The fireplace makeover went well. I painted the wood mantel and surround and finished the tile work. I have my flooring picked out so I decided it was time to get down to business and pick a paint color.

My plan was to transition to "lighter-brighter" colors...greys, teals, and my favorite "white" trim color, Swiss Coffee. 

When picking a paint color, I always try to narrow it down to 2 or 3 colors....

I picked out two pretty "teal" colors and set off to the paint store to pick up a few samples.

I always paint large swatches of the colors I MIGHT want on the wall and let them sit for a few days! This is the best way to pick a wall allows you to see the color in all different lights, at different times of the day.

(I know they may look the same but one has a little more "green")

This is where I am stuck. Literally. The wall has looked like this for over a week.


Because after I removed the black marble and installed the lighter travertine tile around the fireplace, I kind of like the burnt red wall color again. 

Truth is, I never disliked it. As I said before, I love this room. It gets a TON of natural light from all the windows so it can handle the darker wall color and black accents. I just have a bad case of "Pinterest Envy."

So I am stuck. 

What to do. What to do. 

Wait...that is what I will do. I am going to wait until I get the darker floors down and see how I feel about the wall color. I am replacing the Butterscotch Oak flooring with a darker "walnut" colored hardwood. Maybe after the flooring is down I will get a better feel for what wall color I really want.

I THOUGHT I wanted to paint this table teal because the stain color is too close to the color of the new flooring and I was afraid it would "disappear!"

I was wrong....

After looking at it for a week, I had no doubt it was NOT what I wanted! I think it is hideous. So when I began clearing out the room to prep for new flooring, it was the first piece to hit the garage and get ANOTHER makeover. I will reveal the RIGHT color when I finally get the room done!

My point? Sometimes all the planning and picking and stressing turns out to be exactly what you DON'T want...and that is okay. No, it is not fun to have to repaint a piece ...but the good news is the prep work is already done. No it is not fun to repaint a wall...but it is better than living with a color you don't like. 

What do I know I definitely want? The fireplace tile...I love it! The darker wood flooring...I have seen it in several homes and I know I will love it.

So once the floors are down I will step back and re-evaluate "the plan."

That is one good thing about getting older...20 years ago I would have wanted all this done in a weekend and I would have worked night and day to get it done. Now, not so much. I am perfectly content to sit here and look at a tri-colored wall and patched flooring.