Light fixture makeover....

It feels like it has been MONTHS since we had warm weather that would allow me to get out and project.  I was beginning to feel the "winter funk" creep in this week so I took a little time to dig around a few of my favorite thrift stores and flea markets.

I scored HUGE on a walnut mid century dresser. I can't wait to start working on it but with temps below freezing there is no way I can strip and refinish. So it will sit...for now. Along with an old chair I picked up at Salvation Army. Perfect for a little chalk paint and new upholstery...when the weather cooperates!

An old light fixture instantly caught my eye at one of my favorite "junk stores" and it was only $5.99 AND it had a BLUE tag so it was 50% off. Seriously, three bucks for a light fixture!

Some of you may be thinking I paid too!!!

As many times as I have professed my love for "mid-century" I am still drawn to some pieces that are "different." I love milk glass and the globes on this fixture have that "look" about them. I've never been really thrilled with the overhead light fixture in my kitchen and I thought this one would be kind of nifty...with a little tweek here and there of course.

I don't need a great deal of overhead lighting in the kitchen since my awesome SIL Joel installed the under counter lighting (seriously, you have to have under counter lighting...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.)

But again, the temps aren't cooperating...there is NO WAY I can paint. Unless....

That's right....I built a little heated tent with a sheet and cardboard. Just big enough for the light fixture! The little heaters won't come close to heating up the entire garage when it is bitter cold outside, but they do a fine job of heating this little space!

Yea!!! I get to do something creative!! (I could do a sewing project...but again, that is more torture than creative!)

While the little tented area warmed up, I brought the primer and paint into the house to warm up...not a good idea to paint with cold paint.

First, I had to "dismantle" the fixture and clean it up. The globes went in the dishwasher and I wiped the rest down with a damp rag. Then I taped off the sockets and threads so they wouldn't get painted. I also did not want to paint the little white ceramic doo-dads so I took those off as well.  When I did, the wood part of the fixture came off...hum...makes it easy to paint them a really funky, bright color (nah, let's just do boring white!)

I sprayed the metal parts of the fixture with metal primer and the wood with Kilz.

After that dried well, I gave it a quick hit with steel wool and tack cloth, just to get rid of any "crumbs." I painted the metal with brush nickel spray paint and the wood with satin white paint.

Then I reassembled the fixture and hung it in my kitchen! (I will skip the part about handling it before the paint was cured and having to "repaint" it...TWICE! I will skip the part about having to change out the bracket screws, stripping them and then having to hunt for screws the right size. I will skip the part about dropping the wire nuts and crawling around on the floor trying to find might think all DIY projects go smoothly...HA!)

I can easily add a little pop of color to this fixture in the future just by painting the wood part...and it will be easy to do. I can just remove the little ceramic doo-dads and slip the wood off...I won't even have to take down the fixture!

This isn't the first time I have painted a light fixture. Here I show you how easy it is to change the look of a fixture or paddle fan with a little bit of spray paint! Spray paint comes in a variety of awesome designer colors and "metal finishes", silver, brushed nickel, bronze, etc! 

Installing a new light fixture is NOT a hard thing to you can see just how easy it can be!

I think the light fixture is nice. Since I have high ceilings I know I could go with a much larger fixture, but for now I kind of like this one. Again, I don't need a whole lot of overhead lighting. It is definitely different which is something I always look for. 

Which brings me to a battle that is currently raging in my brain.

I am not buying the house I shared here. I had intended to buy it whether mine sold or not and rent it until mine sold. After a thorough inspection and getting bids for the "have to" repairs, that's not happening. I am a bit bummed...I really want a smaller house with a smaller yard. And to be honest, I was looking forward to really digging into a project like that. 

But since it is was not "meant to be" I am now swinging my attention to a few little things I think I MIGHT want to do in this paint my kitchen cabinets...hence the "raging battle." 

I am not in favor of making HUGE changes just for the sake of making changes...or for the sake of "following the fads." I predicted burlap and chevron would fall out of favor in short order...and sure enough it is. But changing out a few pillows here and there or painting over a chevron wall are relatively simple. If this "white cabinet" thing is indeed a "fad" that will soon pass, I would be kind of screwed on the cabinet deal.

If painting will "enhance" your space, go for it. But I am not yet convinced that painting these cabinets will actually "enhance" the space.

I know I want to eventually change out the big hulking refrigerator for a counter depth stainless steel...which means I need a new stainless range...and dishwasher...and microwave...and maybe new flooring....

Truth is, I really like the cabinet color. And the appliances all work just fine. And the flooring is okay. I think I am just craving a major change and a back breaking project. Silly me.

See what happens when I get in a "winter funk."