Antique side table...before and after!

Today is one of those days when I had to dig around in my photo files to find a project I have not shared.

I had hoped to share more about my home buying and selling process, but since I am in the "frustrating" phase and not yet "on the other side," it is probably not a good time.

I did meet with the Realtors yesterday and we did a walk through of my house. They gave me great tips on staging the house...most I knew I needed to do but it was nice to have confirmation. I have been completing small tasks that I have put off for some time...paint touch up here and there, tile repairs, caulking, etc....but there are always those big things that need to be done. Removing furniture, decluttering MORE, etc. Very helpful! The big hangup right now is the inspection on the place I want to buy! I will go into more detail on that later!

For now, a super simple little project. An old table I bought at an auction months ago. It is one of the projects that languished in my garage for months, only because I knew I had to construct a new top and I just wasn't in the "mood."

As you can see, the top was a total bust so I knew it had to be replaced! The sides and fronts were veneer as well, and they were in pretty rough shape and the original finish had "crackled!" I decided to embrace it other words, I did minimal structural repairs and then applied a "chalk paint" treatment to the base, distressed it, and applied a clear coat.

Two years ago, I bought some solid oak tongue and groove planking at an auction. I have had it stored in one of the storage buildings at the apartments and I have used it occasionally for signs and such. I decided to use it to build a top for this little table.

I cut four pieces the width I needed for the table top, cut and sanded the "tongue" off the front edge, then glued all the pieces together and clamped it. I let it dry overnight.

Originally I just glued and clamped the top to the base...but that did not work! I didn't want to put nail holes in the top so I pre-drilled little holes in each corner, counter-sunk screws, and then glued little oak plugs into the holes. 

I stained the top with brown mahogany gel stain and then sealed it with spray on poly. 

I think it would make a great little bedside table or side table in a living room...maybe even a tv has the perfect space for electronics.

Simple...again, don't overlook those ratty little pieces you see at garage sales and thrift stores! With just a little bit of effort and imagination, you can turn them into a beautiful and useful piece!