A project here...a project there...

This was one of those weeks when I had a serious case of ADD. I jumped from one project to another.

I worked on the Baumritter mid-century chairs (for ME!) I originally shared here.

I only managed to get two of them stripped. Two need repairs and I worked on those as well. 

My goal is to get them stripped, oiled and in the dining room...at some point the perfect fabric will speak to me and they need to be ready!

BTW, I am using the 1/2 acetone-1/2 lacquer thinner recipe for stripping... works amazing!!!

I stripped and oiled this nifty paper organizer thingy I picked up at Midtown. If something is unique, I can not resist!

It still has a pretty severe water stain. I tried all my old tricks and sanded it as much as I dared...but nothing worked. Oh well. That is part of the "character" of old stuff!

The little ceramic bulldog belonged to my Great-grandfather! He's in pretty rough shape but he's almost 100 years old...what do you expect!

I'm not real sure I am loving it on my desk...it takes up a lot of space! I may have to move it and use it for my coupons or something...not sure. Sometimes I just have to let something sit and grow on me.

I distressed an arm chair I need to eventually reupholster and distressed and started upholstering a child's rocking chair...it is going to be sooooo darling! I can't wait to reveal the finished project...and a little story about why I paid ENTIRELY too much for it at an auction!

I wish you could feel fabric through the web...this stuff is soooo stinking soft! I think I am going to make myself a blanket out of it!

When I work all day and don't manage to get at least ONE project completed, I get a little frustrated.

I did manage to finish a few little things after a few days in the heat. Last week I mentioned the signs Cristina (at Remodelando la Casa) made out of a drawer. I just happened to have some old drawer sides and the sides to an old mahogany dresser stashed in my garden cubby so I pulled them out, hosed them down with ant spray, cleaned them up and put on my creative cap!

I haven't finished all the drawer sides. I am holding on to a few until I find some more inspiration....maybe Christmas? I like the "chalkboard" signs because you can change them up! I really love how the dresser sides turned out...I plaster painted one and oiled the other...then I used chalkboard paint on the insets. I put hangers on the back of both. I was tempted to keep one for myself but I think I will just take them both to the booth and hope someone loves them as much as I do! 

Again...thank you Cristina for the wonderful inspiration! 

So much done...so much more to do. Someday I might get a few major projects finished up!