What a HOOT! And inspiration for a new project!

Sometimes I buy things at an auction and question myself. Seriously? A plastic owl? What the heck?

This is one of those silly "owl decoys." The plastic owls people put near their garden or in public areas to keep the small birds away. I certainly don't want to keep birds away...if anything I want to attract birds. Don't know why...with four cats, it may not be in their best interest to come to my back deck for a meal but in the winter I love sitting in my den and watching the birds gather around the feeders...cardinals, gold and house finches and titmouses, to name a few!

So what to do with this silly (and kinda creepy) little owl...

I painted him!!! Sprayed him with a little Kilz and then a hit him with a few coats of my favorite off-white, Valspar Rivera Dune. A ten minute makeover!

I taped off his eyes because I kind of like them. 

I doubt he makes his permanent home on my mantel...kind of freaks me out that he is staring at me when I sit at the bar during dinner! But I thought he would make a nice addition to my fall decor...maybe perch him in my window display along with the pumpkins and scarecrows. 

Who knows what I will do with him...but it is an example of how a little spray paint can cure the worst case of ugly!!!

If only attitudes where that easy to fix...how wonderful the world would be!


Cristina at Remodelando la Casa inspires me! That is one great thing about the blogesphere...you can always find something to do with ANYTHING!

Several months ago I shared these antique drawer front makeovers. They turned out darling and sold quickly. I tossed the drawer bottoms since they had been snacked on by the critters, but I kept the drawers sides and the sides of the dresser. I have NO idea why other than the fact that I just can't bring myself to toss certain woods...mahogany being one of them! I had NO idea what to do with them...until Cristina shared her precious little signs.

NOW I know what to do with them! Not sure when I will get to them since I am currently working on several massive furniture/paint projects (that is a queen size bed behind the dresser sides!) But I do know I want to get them done for the fall season. If I just can't get around to it in time, I guess they will get froo-frooed for Christmas. Regardless, it is nice to know WHAT I want to do with them eventually!

Cristina also shared a precious tripod table she made out of an old camera tripod. When I saw it I could have kicked myself because I had tossed a broken tripod not two weeks before! My son is a semi-professional photog and it would have been perfect for his room! Darn it! This is the one downside to NOT being a hoarder...sometimes you really can turn trash to treasure! You just have to hang on to the trash long enough to find the inspiration!

They say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I guess this is why we share what we do! Thanks for sharing Cristina!