Maple sidetable before and after...

Before I share my newest project and venture, I want to wish my baby boy a very HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY! 

I also want to brag on him a bit...last week he passed his testing for his commercial pilot's license! It's been a long, hard six years and I am so proud of him for accomplishing a goal he set for himself many years ago! 

Congratulations and happy birthday Son! I love you and am so proud of the young man have become!

Maple makeover and my newest venture.....

I have salvaged a lot of the old maple furniture in the past....a secretary, a desk and last year a dresser. 

Maple furniture is pretty "dated" and definitely not something most would find desirable...unless you are still sporting pastel ducks. But the furniture is solid and often well crafted and with just a tiny bit of imagination and effort you can turn an eyesore into a useful and beautiful piece of furniture that will be a welcome addition to any home!

This is a side table I picked up at an auction.... of those pieces no one would bid on so the auctioneer zeros in on me because he knows I will rescue any stray "dog." I'm to the point were I really don't want to buy "work" but I knew this little piece could be beautiful I brought her home and gave her a little makeover.

The top had some serious water stains. I don't usually Kilz pieces I am going to plaster paint, but I knew the black stains on top (probably mildew stains) would bleed through even after a good scrubbing with bleach. So a sprayed the top with Kilz, avoiding the edges so the wood would show through when I distressed it. I sprayed the little knobs black (prime first)...they weren't really ugly, just a little dated (I had already taken them off in the "before" picture). After the table was painted, I sprayed it with a poly clear coat...always...that is what makes the finish tough as nails!

Cute as a bug....

There are so many ways to update these old pieces. As I shared here on Kaitlyn's living room tables and the dresser you can stain the tops and paint the bases...plaster paint or spray paint...either one. You can paint the inside of the drawers or just leave them natural can paint the hardware or invest in new! So many things you can do! Just be willing to take one of these abused gems home and give it a little love and won't regret it. And trust me...these pieces will hold up SO much better than the cheap "particle board" stuff you find on the market these days!

Even "nice" furniture can benefit from a little update. This year I painted all my bedroom furniture (and here). I had grown very "bored" with the dark stained finish and honestly thought I was going to have to spend a fortune to replace it. Truthfully, I love it now and haven't thought once of replacing it since I painted it!

Etsy Shop

Another baby step for me into the 21st century. I finally "opened" an Esty shop. 

This past week I have been buying Universal Ballerina Mist dishes on Ebay to add to my collection...

As I mentioned here this is a collection that started with a few of my grandmother's serving pieces. Over the years I have been adding to it here and there. I don't NEED more, but I couldn't help myself. I just love these dishes so I started buying plates, salad plates and bowls...I even picked up a few more serving pieces! Don't ask me what I intend to do with them...right now they are piled on top of one of my kitchen cabinets.

Anywho, I got to thinking...why couldn't I sell some of my treasured auction finds online?

Last week I marked all the "glassware" in my booths down 50%  just to move some stuff out.

When I price the glassware and vintage pieces, I usually check out Ebay and Etsy to find out what to price it. I almost always price it WAY below what you can buy it for online. Combine that with no shipping charges, and they are a pretty sweet deal. But I am limited to the people who happen to pass through my booths, so I THINK I can broaden my market by selling a few things online. 

We'll the meantime, if you see anything on here you love, there is a chance it will eventually be in my online shop at Etsy. Right now, you can search "beckwithstreasures" and pull up the few items I have posted on there. I only posted a few things I already have pictures of but eventually I will post more as I have time.

Time...not something I have a lot of this week because Friday WE LEAVE FOR COLORADO!!!! YEAH!!! 

Burglars, don't get too excited...there will be people in my house all week. I almost dread coming home, but everyone knows that mama will freak if she comes home to a I can only hope and pray (and make long detailed lists) that things will be kept in order...or at least put that way the day before I come back!

So while I am cruising the mountains of Colorado taking in all the glory of the Aspens in fall, get out and find some neglected and dated maple furniture and give it a little makeover! You might just be surprised at how beautiful an ugly ole' piece can be with just a little effort!