"New" chairs and IT'S FALL!!!!

IT'S FALL and I am starting to get my fall groove on!

Brian and I will be taking our annual trek to Colorado later this week and I decided to get my fall decorating done before I leave. Usually I do it when I get home but this year we are going a week later so I wanted to get it done so I can come home and relax...well as much as possible with the fall craft fairs coming up! 

When I get home I will share the "fall decor." Truth is, it hasn't changed much from last year...no big plans to make anything new and "crafty." Who knows, maybe I will find some awesome inspiration in Colorado!

I shared the Penn Scales hereThey will probably be sold at some point! I just think they look very "fallish" with the pumpkins!

I picked up a few cutting boards at an auction and refinished them. As I shared in this post, cutting boards are relatively easy to strip and refinish. I strip the old finish off, sand a tad and then apply 2-3 coats of butcher block oil. I don't sand off all the cut marks because I like the "used" look!

Last week I shared the final stages of the makeover of the antique dining room table. One of the biggest mental blocks I had with this table was my desire to use the mid century chairs. I absolutely love them...and as much as I would love to incorporate them into my decor, I am coming to terms with the fact that it is either the chairs or the table...they just won't work together!

If you check out my Home Tour there is no doubt my style is what you would describe as "eclectic." I absolutely LOVE the mid century pieces, but when it comes right down to it, I love what I love...regardless of the "style." I find myself drawn to a space filled with unique pieces that flow together, rather than a room filled with all shabby chic, or  all mid century, or all traditional. 

The table is definitely "unique." I have NEVER seen anything like it. And truthful, I think it is one of the most beautiful dining room tables I have ever seen. I want it which means I need to use chairs that work with it, rather than against it. And unfortunately, the mid-century chairs work against it. 


Being bored with the Duncan Phyfe table, I decided it was time to change them up a bit so they work in this space. They had already been painted and I loved this fabric....

....but I knew I needed to "jazz" them up a bit!

I love this fabric...it has a very rich color and heavy texture that really doesn't translate in photos! It has the red, gold, orange, blue and green you find throughout my home!

Painting the chairs was a huge, but necessary, step for me. As you may know, painting beautiful wood goes against every fiber in my body...but these chairs needed to be painted for a number of reasons...the primary being the fact that one was busted and had to be repaired! There was just no way to fix it without painting it.

And honestly, the little face lift made me fall in love with them again. 

Traditional chairs...who woulda thunk it!