Painting and repairing a maple secretary! And a little auction action!

As I mentioned here, old maple furniture can be pretty "dated" (nice way of saying ugly!) But it is usually solid, well-constructed furniture and great for DIY projects.

Last week I bought a maple Baumritter (Ethan Allen) secretary at an auction.

This piece is really solid (and major heavy!) Some of the screw holes in the drop down top hinges were stripped out, so the top was a little wonky. It looked like someone had actually tried to glue the hinges to the top.

Easy fix...and this fix is perfect for any screw hole that is stripped, especially door hinge screws that are loose. Honestly, I do this just about every time I remove screws during a "makeover"....just to make sure the replacement screw is tight.

The first thing I do is remove the old screw and fill the hole with a good wood glue...

I have a stockpile of various sized wood dowel rods so I usually have one that will fit any hole. (You might want to "dry fit" your dowel rod before adding the glue.) You can also use 2-3 wood match sticks bundled together...dab a little glue on each match stick and stick one at a time in the hole until no more will fit. Then tap the dowel rod or match sticks with a hammer...

Snap the dowel rod or match sticks off flush and wipe the excess glue off with a damp rag. If the wood sticks up a bit, just tap it again with the hammer until it is flush or wait until the glue dries and scrape it with a chisel. Once the glue has dried well, you can put a new screw in.

I read a tutorial that suggests using a golf tee. Personally, I would not...only because they are not easy to break off. 

WARNING! Stain WILL NOT penetrate the wood if it has glue on it. If you are going to stain the piece make sure you do not get glue anywhere you intend to stain. If you do, immediately wipe it down well with mineral spirits!

I decided to paint the inside of the desk my new favorite Valspar color, La Fonda Mirage (a pretty pale teal color). First, I primed with Kilz, sanded and tacked. After I painted the inside, I chalk painted the exterior, distressed it a bit and then sprayed the entire piece with a clear coat.

I was originally going to replace the hardware, but I like the style, just not the color. So I stuck them all in styrofoam, sprayed them with metal primer and then sprayed them with the La Fonda Mirage. After they dried well, I hit them with a clear coat before reattaching them!

I love everything about this little desk now that it has been spruced up a bit. Few would have given it a second look as it was. Try to look past the dated finish on these old maple pieces...they can be awesome additions to any decor with a little primping! 

Awesome auction action!

The weather was perfect Saturday for a day at the auction....fall is in the air!  Usually we try to find an estate auction out in the "sticks." Always neat vintage treasures at those old places. This week we could only find one in town, but it did NOT disappoint!

Auctions are a great way to spend a Saturday if you are looking for a day of good food, good people and good deals!

I have discussed at length the "rules" of auctioning.  Auctions can be a great place to find affordable housewares, tools and furniture, as long as you know what things are worth (both new and used).Never get too emotionally attached to something you think you just have to have. Forget being "competitive." I have seen people pay more than what something cost new...just because they get caught up in a bidding war on something they think they just have to have! Not good. 

This week I brought home a few things that turned out to be exactly what I thought they were...awesome deals that will do well in my booths! And a thing or two I plan on keeping.

I rarely have time to do online research while I am at the auction but when I get home I search Ebay, Etsy and Google to determine how I should price an item.

One thing I definitely will be keeping is this Osterizer Galaxie vintage blender.... has a glass pitcher and it works! I could probably sell it for around $40, but I need a blender and this one is seriously awesome! 

These antique Penn Scales will be going to the booth even though they will be tough to let go! 

When I was researching them, I noticed most do not have the weights and/or the "scoop." This one had both...amazing!

I wasn't real sure about this vintage Webster manual typewriter.This one had the case and all the papers...I honestly don't think it had ever been used! This particular model is evidently "rare" and collectable. Vintage and antique typewriters usually sell quickly! 

Which was my sell it...until my teenage daughter saw it and snatched it up. Novelty...I have a feeling I will get it back at some point...she has figured out that typing on a manual typewriter is NOTHING like typing on a computer keyboard. How did any of us keep a fingernail back in the day!?

A wood caddy...again, love. Not sure exactly what I am going to do with it, but whatever...I think I paid $5 for it!

Yard birdies...they have a long stick on them and you can stick them in the ground or in planters. I am a sucker for yard ornaments. I'll probably end up being one of those old ladies with 47 cats and a yard full of pretties....

I also picked up this iron fireplace screen....

It won't go in the den because that fireplace is elevated. It is a little ornate for my room. It would have been perfect for the fake fireplace I had in my booth, but I sold it. I may have to build another for holiday displays...and I will have a perfect place for this iron screen!

Sooooo much old, dated spice rack and bottles. The wood rack will be painted and "repurposed" and the little bottles should sell well even with out the rack. A framed mirror...perfect for a little spruce up with paint!

Glassware, stemware, a little stool, some awesome iron work...lots of goodies! 

Overall a good day well spent.