A desk, a shelf...and some major sore muscles!!

This past week we finally installed my bedroom and office laminate flooring! Brian took two days vacation and by the end of the second day, neither one of us could get up off the couch without some major grunting! Man-oh-man, what a chore. Saturday we drove to Conway for my grandson's (Camden) 13th birthday party at a paintball course. Um...no...we did not join in the fun...we could barely walk!

After a few little tweeks here and there, I will reveal the new flooring later this week. I still have a few things I want to get done! 

So in the meantime, I thought I would share two MUCH easier little projects I completed a few weeks ago.

I bought this little metal desk at an auction a few months ago....

It was one of the few times Brian questioned a purchase. Really? What in the world did I intend to do with THAT!?

A little metal primer, a little teal paint, a little chalkboard paint...and BINGO! A precious little desk fit for a little guy or gal! Obviously someone else thought it was precious because it didn't last long! 

I also bought two cherry cabinets at another auction. Very well constructed! One had been stained but the other had not....

Neither had shelves but that was an easy fix. I primed and painted 1 x 12 MDF material and cut it to fit.

I cleared out some metal shelving and a TV cabinet in Mitchell's room a few weeks ago so I needed a shelf unit in there to hold all his "stuff." I painted the interior of one of the cherry cabinets my favorite "off white" and spray painted the exterior red to match his room....

I plaster painted the stained shelf and then distressed it a bit so the stain would peak through!

I have it in my booth with a hefty price tag....for a reason. I really don't care if I sell it right now!

I bought this awesome "mock" fireplace at an auction several months ago and I was using it as a display shelf and "statement piece" in my booth...

It was perfect for displaying artwork, mirrors and glassware! I was really looking forward to hanging stockings on it at Christmas! I didn't price it and when asked, I told the girls at the store that I would entertain offers...but it better be a hefty offer because I really had no desire to sell it.

Last week I got TWO hefty offers...SOLD! Lesson...don't get attached to one piece. Everything has a price...unless it is a family heirloom! 

Anywho, I had to find something to put in my booth for the time being to display nick-nacks...so the plaster painted shelf will do just fine until I can build another "statement" piece! Truth is, I will probably never find another piece like this fireplace so I may just have to build one! 

Seems the furniture is really flying out of my booths so I am scrambling to finish up some projects I have piled in the garage. I think we counted TWENTY SIX chairs the other day...again with the chairs! A few little tables, some light fixtures and a beautiful antique wardrobe! All waiting for my time and attention!

So much to do!