Another day at the auction...

There were several great auctions advertised for this weekend.  We always try to choose one that is waaaay out in the sticks because we know there will be fewer people. 

Smaller crowds usually makes for better pricing, but sometimes you may also get less of a "good" selection.  That is not always the case...we have been to a few that had lots of great stuff and a lot of people and the prices were still reasonable. Honestly, it is "hit and miss."  Regardless, we always have a great time. 

Saturday was a perfect day for an auction.  The weather was beautiful which always makes it more enjoyable.  Too hot and you are miserable.  Too cold and you are miserable. Just right and you find yourself enjoying the ebb and flow of the auction, even if you aren't buying. 

I bought...a little.  It is always nice to find a few little treasures.

A great price on a Lazyboy chair and ottoman....I can't wait to paint and reupholster it!  And I may even keep it! Not really "my style" but it is super comfy and I think with a little tweeking it could be a fun chair!

A set of ironstone dishes...not a complete set but some good pieces including the sugar and creamer...

Two Fire King mixing bowls and three little Fire King bowls I had never seen before...unique is always good....

A few pieces of Fenton milk glass including this cute little hen on a nest dish.... 

I have a smaller hen dish similar to this in my booth! 

Fenton Melon set in mint condition...WOW...always a show stopper.   

Lots of fun little knick knacks!  I missed out on a few things I really wanted...some blue and clear Ball and Atlas jars with glass and zinc oak china hutch...a little walnut side table.  But that's win some, you lose some.  

And I would rather lose some than pay too much for something!   

That is one nice thing about auctions.  I always find something I can buy cheap enough to sell or love enough to keep. 

And whether I buy a lot or just a few little things, I always enjoy the day! 

I know it is hard to find time in our busy schedules to take in an auction!  But if you have never been, GO!  Estate auctions at the home site are by far the most enjoyable in my opinion.  I have been to auctions at auction houses, and I like them, but I enjoy the farm and estate auctions more!  

I have a few hard rules for auctions.

1) Always go early enough to get a number and take a close look at what they have to offer! Inspect everything very carefully. Most good auctioneers will point out little flaws...IF they see them!

2) Know what you are willing to pay for something and NEVER go a dime over...even if it means walking away (trust me, I always regret paying more than I set in my mind). Know what you are bidding on...make sure you have inspected it carefully beforehand. Yesterday I bought a big box of storage containers for $5.  Great buy until I discovered that only 3-4 of them had lids...not a good buy!  Know the value of what you are bidding on...collectables are a little tough but I have seen people pay more for a used lawn mower than what it sells for new at Lowes!

3) Check out the food...seriously, if you are lucky some great ladies have made some awesome pies and cakes.

4) Take boxes and packing...they may or may not have some.

5) NEVER be the first to bid...never!  Wait...even if it opens cheaper than you are willing to pay...they may open the bidding at $100...but if no one bids it could end up starting for a buck...or they could add items to it!  A good example...the Lazyboy chair opened at $300...I paid $40 for it!

6) Listen CAREFULLY.  There is a huge difference between "choice" or "pick," "times the money" and "all."  Yesterday a lady bid $10 a glass (times the money) for 12 glasses...she thought she was getting all 12 glasses for $10.   That's the difference between "times the money" and "all!" About $110 in this case!

7) Have fun!  Talk to people...always interesting people at auctions. Watch...there are always experienced buyers at auctions and you can learn a lot from them!   

8) Know whether or not there is a "buyer's premium."  That can add to your actual cost of an item! 

9) Finally, is it a "need" or a "want?"  Know the difference because if you just buy a bunch of stuff you "want," you could find yourself being featured on "Hoarders."  Usually there is a lifetime of someone else's stuff selling and it would be sooooo easy to get caught up in buying it for pennies on the dollar.  In my case, I have a venue to sell most of what I buy.  But even I have a tough time carrying some of my prized purchases back out the door!  

A day at the auction can be fun and exciting....sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining!