I remember being a single mother of 3 school age children and having to scrimp and scrape to afford school supplies!

Matt and I went shopping yesterday and he scolded me for even looking at the "off brand" crayons. Says he has traumatic memories of "cheap" crayons. I think (at least I HOPE) he was pulling my leg, but he reminded me of how tough it is to be a little guy and have to be "different" or do without.

This is my last year to have a child in public schools. Katie is a senior. No more crayons or tiny scissors or wood rulers or #2 pencils. After this year it will just be tuition, books, dorm expenses, meal plans....yikes! Oh well....

ANYWHO, it is time to GIVE BACK!!! Yesterday I gathered up some valuable Target coupons and bought 27 boxes of CRAYOLA BRAND CRAYONS! (No cheap stuff!) I will be giving these to a friend who is a teacher.

Did you know that many teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy supplies for their classroom or their students? There are so many kids in our public schools whose parents really struggle to afford the basic supplies they need! 

EVERY little bit helps. Pick up pencils, tissues, crayons, glue, rulers, scissors, etc. and donate them to your local elementary school or maybe your favorite teacher!

Have your younger child pick out supplies for their favorite teacher and deliver them to the classroom. Kids get the biggest kick out of "giving!"

Give back...even if you are still scrimping and scraping to buy supplies for your kids, buy an extra box of tissues or a glue stick.