Staying organized!

The first trick to STAYING organized is GETTING organized in the first place.

The trick to GETTING organized... 1) tackling one space at a time (the big picture is just too overwhelming) and 2) PURGING. Yep...get rid of the stuff you seriously don't need. Whether you toss it or donate it, get it OUT of the house. (My number one rule for having a garage sale...if I take it out to sell, it NEVER comes back in!)

When tackling a "mess," empty the drawer, pantry or closet COMPLETELY and then only put back what you know you use all the time or will honestly need sometime in the near future!!! (BTW, this is a great time to slap on a fresh coat of paint...seriously, how often do you paint the insides of your closets or pantry!)

Then "organize" everything in a way that makes sense to YOU!

I can not tell you how many times I have gone out and bought something because I didn't realize I already had it. Or I knew I had it but had NO idea where it was! 

So I decided a long time ago that my only hope was getting organized and staying that way.

In other words, closets and drawers have to stay free of clutter and fairly organized. 

Regardless of my good intentions, sometimes life just gets away from me and the next thing I know I have a mess in my drawers and closets again! 

My trick to taking care of that is dumping or emptying the entire drawer or closet, purging the stuff that I really don't need or never use, clean everything, and then "reorganize" it. I know the space will eventually get all messy again...but every so often I just have to start with a clean slate.

This is my "storage closet." 

Here is the post on the awesome door shelves and why I organize this closet the way I do (specifically why I don't use all those pretty "froo-froo" baskets and boxes!) If you aren't handy with the tools and can't build one of these door organizers, just do a little search on Pinterest for "closet storage" and you will find all kinds of "premade" ideas that might work.

The absolute WORST thing you can do is run out and buy a bunch of storage stuff and then try to organize your closet or drawer to fit into what you bought. Empty, purge and THEN go buy what you NEED to organize your space. Otherwise you will end up with a bunch boxes and shelving you have no use for!!!

Last year I gave my master bedroom closet a makeover(See the pretty little "froo-froo" boxes on the shelf...yeah, I have NO idea what is in them...none!)

Today I purged, cleaned and organized my makeup drawer...took all of maybe 10 minutes. It may not seem like a HUGE difference because I do this every few months but it will make a world of difference every morning when I need to find my concealer or eyelash curler!

By the way, I like the IDEA of sticking all my makeup brushes in pretty little containers...but I am kind of weird about having stuff all over my counters and vanity. And I like all these "storage ideas" but I I like all my makeup out of sight and in a drawer! This is what works for ME! Do what works for YOU!

Let's be honest...organizing your closets and drawers isn't your typical "sexy" DIY project. But it is important to keep all your storage areas...drawers, closets, pantries, shelving, etc...organized. 

You can make it "sexy." You can buy pretty boxes or buy all the stuff to do those nifty little "Pinterest projects" that help you get organized. But be honest with you REALLY have the time! Remember, the more you bring into the house, the more you have to "organize" and the harder you make it, the less likely you will be to tackle the project and get it done.

Keep it simple. Forget all the "froo-froo" projects and just get it organized! If you have the time and desire to "make it pretty," go right ahead...but get it purged and organized FIRST! 

I can not stress how important it is to "purge" your storage space...get rid of the stuff you just don't need or use any more! Or stuff that has expired or dried up!

Do you really need that 2 year old mascara or eyeliner...and honestly, is it really SAFE to keep it? Do you really need Christmas decorations that haven't seen the light of day since 1996? What about that "extra" set of sheets that fit the full size bed you no longer own ...maybe they would be useful in the garage as a drop cloth! Shoes that pinch or hurt your feet (seriously ladies, DO NOT wear shoes that hurt your feet...I don't care how much you paid for them!) And the worst...our "pre baby" clothes that we just KNOW we will fit into someday...seriously, by the time you get there, acid washed jeans probably won't be in style!

Some stuff you have to keep and family heirlooms, every jersey or uniform your kid every wore, and every report card, attendance certificate,  or "project" your kid ever brought home. The best way to store them is in plastic or cardboard boxes, clearly labeled. I label everything with masking tape and sharpies so that when I do finally come to terms with tossing the contents, I can remove the tape and reuse the box! 

It is a CONSTANT process...but if you tackle one little space every so often it really isn't that hard to deal with the next time things get a little "cluttered." 

I do allow myself ONE junk drawer in the kitchen. It is the place you go to for pens, scissors, razorblades, chip clips, etc. But even that gets "purged" every so often!!!

Purge, clean and organize ONE space in your home that has been a boil on your backside. 

Now how does that make you feel? Trust me, if you toss it or donate it, you probably will NEVER miss it. But you will LOVE all the extra space you found!