How we REALLY feel...

I have learned over the years that the best way to garner respect from my children is to treat them with respect.

"I don't talk to you that way, you don't talk to me that way."

I can't force my children to respect someone, but they are expected to treat everyone WITH all times.

Because of my personal commitment to speak kindly to my children, and my desire to always treat them respectfully, I tend to stiffle what I REALLY want to say sometimes.

So when I saw this sign on Pinterest, I darn near fell off the couch laughing...because let's be honest Moms...this is how we REALLY feel....

I am on my 4th child...she is an exceptionally intelligent child and mature beyond her years. My two sons are both college graduates and even my oldest daughter, who is a wife and mother of two boys, has returned to college and made the President's List (4.0 student) this semester. 

But when it comes to laundry, I have failed miserably as a mom. I can not for the life of me figure out a way to get my children to do their laundry from start to finish or even put it away after I have washed, dried, and folded it for them. Because honestly, that is what happens when they "do it themselves." Why, because they wash one load, put it in the dryer, start another load in the washing machine...and then disappear...for, they are no where to be found. 

So if I want to walk through the laundry room, or maybe even do my own laundry, I have to clear theirs out first.

Brian believes the best solution would be to take it all out to the garbage bin. I'm not that mean. 

I discovered that for me personally, the best way to keep my laundry room in order was to make it "pretty." Earlier this year, I froo-frooed it up a bit.

Every day this room gets "Pinned" so I know I did something right! Because it is such a pretty and functional space, I keep my laundry washed and put away and I keep the room neat and clean all the time! 

SOOOO...when OTHER people in this house leave their clothes piled up on my machines for even a day, I WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE.

I would never do that..I do not advocate hitting one's children.

Maybe just the threat that I MIGHT do something like that will motivate them.

(Trust me, when they read this post, all four of them will be laughing hysterically! AT me...not with me)