Chairs, chairs and MORE chairs (and a little tip on homemade chalk paint)!!!

As I have admitted before, I have a thing for chairs. I'm not sure if it is because so many old chairs are constructed with beautiful wood or if it is because they can be picked up cheap at auctions or if it is just because I have a fetish! (If you "search" chairs on my site, you will understand just how bad it is!)

Regardless, I have quite a few piled up in my garage so it was time to go to work!

I featured the prep work on these darling little metal chairs here....

Okay, so they didn't start out so darling...but they are getting there! I have painted them and cut and covered the new back and seat. I can't wait to reveal them! Super cute!

This old gal was a hot mess!

I discovered the chair had been painted a pretty green at one time. I had every intention of stripping and refinishing her, but the "painted and distressed look" is all the rage right now so I went with it. She is painted and in the process of being reupholstered. I don't want to give away the big reveal but purple IS the hot color this year....

I did manage to get two chairs finished...

One is a rocker and the other is a side chair. Structurally they are in mint condition! They are solid mahogany and I really planned to strip and refinish them. But again, I've got to go with the flow!  So I painted, distressed and upholstered the seats. I still have the rocker at home and have taken the side chair to Midtown!

The fabric used on the seats is actually a king size coverlet I bought at a garage sale.

I love it so much I actually used it on the awesome mid century chair I am keeping for my office (featured here....)

....and I plan to make pillows out of the fabric I have left! I love making pillows out of "recycled" blankets and shower curtains. Okay, "love" is a strong wood...I do not LOVE to sew at all. But I do love decorating with pillows.

TIP!!! I have been making my own chalk paint for several months and the more I come to terms with painting furniture, the more I have used it! I have previously shared the recipe....1 cup paint, 2 1/2 tablespoons plaster of paris, 1 1/2 tablespoons water....mix the plaster of paris and water together VERY well, before adding it to the paint!

As I have mentioned often, I am a pinch of this, toss of that kind of person. Well, that does not work with homemade chalk paint! Don't guestimate!!! I was having trouble with my paint "flaking" more than "chalking." I ASSUMED that a higher ratio of plaster of paris would make it "chalk" better...not so. I started actually using my measuring devices and following the recipe to a T...and the paint does exactly what it is suppose to do now! Moral of the story...use your measuring spoons and cups...there is a specific recipe for a reason! This site gives great reviews and advice on using different recipes for chalk paint! As always I suggest experimenting and using what works best for YOU! 

Much done...much more to do. I hope to finish the little metal chairs this week...and MAYBE get the other chair reupholstered sometime this century. Believe it or not, I still have 3-4 more chairs waiting to be rescued!


Did you know that every time you visit a website your IP address shows up on the stat the site "admins" can see all the IP addresses that visit. 

Now don't's not your PHYSICAL address...just your IP address assigned to your computer. And most people have what is called a "static" address which means it comes from a "pool" of IP addresses assigned to a service provider...and that number can actually change from time to time...ergo "static." So if someone runs a search on your IP address, they most likely will just get the location of your service provider. 

Sometimes I will run trace an  IP number that shows up on my stats page. Okay, I know that may seem a little "stalkerish." But seriously, you can't really find out someone's home address or anything...just their general location...and I think it is neat that people in Maine and Oregon and Utah can see what I am writing about. Just interesting...and kind of weird...

Probably not as weird as my sitting here actually doing IP traces (seriously, I have stuff to do!) But it makes me wonder....

Where are YOU? You know where I am, but I have no idea where you are coming from!!! How cool is it that we are communicating with and reading about people thousands of miles away...maybe even in another country? Sometimes I will see a chair or something on another blogger's site and think "Man, I want that!" only to realize it is in Minnesota...and I'm not!

So if you get a minute, just type in the comment section (at the very least) what state you are visiting from! And as we say in Arkansas "YA'LL COME BACK!"