RUST? Not a problem! Old metal typewriter table repurposed...

I finally restocked my booths at Midtown and Tontitown! I love filling both with all the goodies I have picked up at auctions and pieces I have repurposed. 

Like these pieces I featured here....

The clock shelf, desk, bed frames and typewriter all sold within days!

I work hard to find exciting and unusual pieces and it usually pays off! Debbie at Midtown said people often ask when I am going to be in to restock...seems I have a bit of a following. So I am always anxious to get my little treasures in place and excited to see what has sold! 

The secret to my success? Quality repurposing and refinishing, unusual pieces and affordable prices. Not everyone has the time to scrounge around auctions, thrift stores and garage sales or the ability to transform trash to treasure. I may not be making any money doing this, but I am doing what I love....and sharing it with others! 

One of the pieces I picked up at the auction last week was this typewriter table....

It would be perfect in either booth. I had one a few months ago that sold within a week. I took this one and ended up not having room in either booth, so I brought it home.

And got to thinking.


Might I actually be able to USE this piece?


One of the things I really dislike doing (my kind way of saying "hate") is sewing but I do it often.  I love my portable sewing machine, but it really is kind of a pain to haul out and set up. I always have to set it up on my dining room table, risking scratches and dings. 

Last year I rehabbed an awesome sewing desk so I would have a place for my sewing machine. Problem was, I had no place for the I sold it!

This typewriter table is PERFECT for a portable sewing machine. I can store the table and machine in my utility room cubby and easily roll it out when I need it.


Only one small problem...the rust. It may be useful, but it is certainly not beautiful!

I picked up these two precious chairs at an auction last fall but I haven't touched them because I knew I would have to deal with "the rust!"

Rust is really not THAT big of an issue. But it is one you have to deal with properly or all your hard work will be for nothing when it begins to creep back through your paint job.

Last year I refinished two old metal lawn chairs (here)....

Even after sitting out all winter, these chairs held up very well and none of the rust has crept through the new paint. So I knew the process I used for these chairs would work perfectly on the typewriter table and little chairs!

The first thing I do with metal pieces that have rust is sand...vigorously! It is the ONLY time I use 40 grit paper on my palm sander and I go to town! A heavy grit sand paper is the best way to knock off heavy rust and even out the surface. This time I also used a vinegar scrub (straight vinegar and steal wool) on each of the pieces after sanding. This accomplished two removed the lighter rust and it cleaned the pieces.


TIP: Make sure you only use the vinegar someplace where it won't come in contact with grass. Vinegar is a natural "weed killer" and could easily damage grass and plants. I used mine under one of my swing pergolas! 

Usually you will not be able to remove ALL the rust...unless it just has a tad. But that is why a good metal primer is soooo important! I use the Rust-Oleum automotive primer from Lowe's. It specifically says it "stops rust." So far, so I am going to believe them.

After a good sanding and a vinegar bath, I let the pieces dry overnight. I taped off the little wheels so I wouldn't get paint on them. Then I primed, sand to a smooth finish, wipe with a tack cloth, prime again, then sand again!


Now the hard part is done and they are primed and ready for an awesome paint treatment.

The problem now? What color? What fabric for the chairs?

Oh the choices! I want the primer to cure a few days so I have time to mull that over! When I get them done, I will make sure to post pictures!!

In the meantime, I will be enjoying time with my family this weekend! My oldest daughter, SIL and grandsons will be in town this weekend to attend Katie's musical stage premier! She is Fiona in Shrek the Musical! 

If you want an opportunity to see some remarkable kids perform, or introduce your children to live performances, this would be a great evening out with the family! 

Friday and Saturday night, 7:30 p.m., Har-Ber High School, Springdale Arkansas.

Come out and support our high school performing arts and enjoy a fantastic performance!!! I know it will be good...Katie (Fiona) was 1st chair All-Region choir and 2nd chair All-State and Shrek (Jacob Reynolds) was 1st chair All-Region and 5th chair All-State. And several of the other characters (Harrison Strouse is Donkey!) were all-region and all-state participants! Talented group of kids!!!

Until next week....