Typewriter cart repurposed....

I shared the "prep-work" I did on this typewriter cart and how I dealt with the rust here.

I'm so boring...I really had visions of a bright and funky color for this cart. Nope. Black. Plain ole' black. I debated and decided that this was the best I could come up with right now.

Maybe someday I'll paint it a funky teal or blinding yellow. Maybe add some neat vinyl decals . All the hard work is done...just a matter of taking the plunge. This little table has SO much potential and could be so much more!

For now it is black. I did get a colorful little placemat for the top. 


The super neat thing about this table is it makes it really convenient to move my sewing machine around...just roll it out of the laundry cubby (you can check out the laundry room "makeover" here!) and park it anywhere.  Before I was pretty much limited to setting it up on the dining room table.

After all the prep work, I gave  the cart two coats of satin black spray paint. Then I let it cure for a few days...just to make sure it wasn't going to scratch. Besides, the longer it sits, the more reasons I have NOT to work on all the sewing projects I have piled up!

Dang, now I don't have any excuse for not doing my sewing projects. Except I'm busy...really busy!

This is the second typewriter cart I have picked up at auctions. The first one had a little drawer. I wish this cart had one! The great thing about having flea booths is if I ever stumble across another one with a drawer, I can sell this one and makeover another! 

Never ending!