Another repurposed grandfather clock...

I sold the antique grandfather clock I  repurposed and featured here! There is only one downside to repurposing pieces for resale...they sell. It makes me sad that I work so hard on a piece, only to have it go away AND leave a big hole in my booth...darn. 

The super upside is someone else loved and appreciated the piece enough to take it home with them! That makes me super happy!

The problem then becomes filling the "hole" in my booth. It just so happens there was a "cheap" knock-off grandfather clock for sale at Midtown. Certainly not anything like the true antique piece I repurposed, and it had a few structural flaws. But nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little glue, clamps and wood putty.

So I loaded it up and brought it home. And yes, it was in need of some serious "shoring up!" 

This piece is what I call a "fake" grandfather clock. The clock is actually an inexpensive battery operated thing, so the chains and pendulum serve no purpose. That leaves the cabinet part of the clock open and begging for shelving! PERFECT!!!! 

I could have taken the clock part out and turned that into a display area as well. But I like the idea of having a working clock AND a display cabinet all in one. I think it makes a more "useful" piece!

I did remove the door and all the decorative "do-dads." Just too much froo-froo for my tastes. I added decorative trim on the edge of the main shelving area...just to dress it up a bit and cover where I had patched the cuts for the hinges.

The question then becomes what kind of paint treatment? Light? Dark? Distressed or no? Maybe a Razorback red cabinet? That sounds fun! I thought about doing a Disney teenage daughter thought that would be awesome! 

But no...simple is always best when you are repurposing something for resale. So I did all my glueing and clamping. Then I added two shelves, kilzed the entire piece, sanded, tacked and painted!

Super simple but a great improvement. If someone wants to dress it up with a transfer or some-such, I think that would be awesome!

I love it when bloggers "stage" their pieces with pretty knick knacks...and I would do that as well IF the darn stuff wasn't so heavy and difficult to drag in and out of the house...20 years ago, I would have been all over it. Today...I'm lucky to get it in and out of my truck! I do stage the pieces once I get them in my booth, but do you really think I remember to take a camera...ha!

Another Great Day at the Auction!!

We went to an awesome auction Saturday and I picked up some really wonderful pieces. The clock and my newest finds are already at Midtown ready for someone else to fall in love with them and take them home.

When I go to auctions I try to find unusual pieces that you don't find every day...or at least pieces that I think people will really love. These are just a few of the items we brought home.

The head board is twin size...I bought two. They would be precious painted and distressed...but I decided to let someone do their thing. The retro clock/lamp WORKS!!! That was a tough one for me to let go...but I honestly just don't have a place for it right now! The typewriter is a Royal Junior dating in the mid-30s. Even came with a case.


The antique wood and cast iron school desk is an Andrews. I had to glue and clamp the back and then I scrubbed it with varnish remover and wiped the wood down with a little danish oil finish just to nourish it and clean it up a bit. I decided to leave the little doll rocking chair "as is." Just cleaned it up. That is going to be a precious piece for a little girl!

And this is just the stuff I have ready to go...I still have 5 chairs (including one similar to this one), a little stool, pictures, and a few other knick knacks that need some attention before they will be ready to sell! 

Lots of projects to work on in the next few weeks!!!