Bloglovin'.....lovin' !

I'm kind of newish to the whole "blog" thing. While doing a little research I discovered I am again only a few years behind with my newest discovery. So if you are like me, new to the blog thing or short on time or just old and forgetful (not me, a friend) my newest discovery is perfect for you! Granted, I am probably the LAST person on earth to know about this, but just in case there are others living under rocks somewhere out there....

I am like many...looking for inspiration for anything from DIY projects to a new recipe for dinner! I am always amazed at how much information is out there on the internet and how many women share all their wonderful ideas and endless knowledge! Back in "the old days" we would have to sit and watch every morning and afternoon show or endless hours of HDTV just to get a smidge of the information that is at our fingertips now! 

Pinterest is easy, but like most, I have a few favorite blogs I like to follow...and that list seems to be growing every day. When I only had 2-3 blogs I liked to look at it was easy to just pop in and look around. But as my list of favorites grew, I found myself forgetting to check out certain blogs...and inevitably I would miss something really awesome.

Then I discovered  I hate to "toot" a website for fear it will put horrible bugs on your computer...or collect your personal information and feed it to the CIA.  But so far, so good.  I haven't seen any annoying pop-ups or unsolicited emails as a result of signing up! 

All I did was go to their website, search my favorite blogs, and "follow." I even get a daily email that shows me all the newest posts on the blogs I am following! When I log into I can immediately see "My Feed" which is a summary and link to all the newest posts for the blogs I am following. If I find a new blog I absolutely love, I can add it to my feed and then I don't forget to check it out in the future (I kind of do that a lot!)

You can use the drop down menu labeled "Popular" and see a list of blogs featuring your favorite subject. Then just click on the blogs you want to follow.  Or type the blog you want to follow into the search function and it will find it for doesn't have to be a blog that has "signed up" for this site...if it is out there, this site will find it and you can follow it!


As I said, SO FAR I haven't gotten a bunch of crud cluttering my computer or email from using this site. I find it soooo annoying to order something on the internet only to get slammed with a bazillion emails as a result. Since I switched to an Apple laptop, I don't have the annoying popups, but email is another thing. I can't remember what I ordered or signed up for the other day, but within minutes my email started getting hit with "crap."

So far, that is not the case with Bloglovin and it really does make it simple to keep track of all my favorite bloggers! I still sign up to get email alerts from a few of my favorite (it's super simple to subscribe to my site...just enter your email address and click "subscribe"...every post delivered to your door step!)...but bloglovin let's you keep up with as many as you like without getting a hundred different emails from a hundred different sites! One many blogs as you would like to keep an eye on!


"Follow" me on and never miss an awesome DIY project, before and after, tutorial or recipe!


BTW, not that I would mind, but I did not get paid to toot this website...I just think it is a neat deal!