Spring projects...oh wait...is that snow??!!!

I could feel it....the sun warming the ground and the vibrations of my little perennials just quivering with anticipation. I could see it...the first little buds on the ornamental trees and the daffodils all standing at attention trumpeting the coming season. Such a beautiful pop of color in all the post-winter gloom...

I trimmed a few trees, cut all the lirope, started cleaning out the pond and raked flower beds....all in a short sleeve tshirt and flip-flops!

And then it got cold and nasty again. AND SNOWED! All day...


Spring is such a fickle season!

Saturday the weather was AWESOME!! I got a little yard work done and I started reorganizing my disaster of a garage after getting my drop down table finished. I honestly didn't mean to post about it Saturday. Obviously I hit the wrong button and the post went live. But I was pretty much finished with it...and it really is a super neat project I wanted to share!

Anywho, I cut the daffodils that have already bloomed and brought them in....

They were a little cold and droopy but a little warm water and they perked right up!

Fortunately I have a lot more in my yard just waiting to bloom. So this week when it warms back up into the 60s, there will be more.

Got to love this Arkansas weather!