Just paint it!!!!

Sometimes I forget to share the simple little projects...shelves, tables, chairs. They are relatively easy to "update" and truthfully, they usually sell as fast as I can get them in! 

This little table was one of those "pressed board" veneered oak pieces. Nothing special and honestly something you probably wouldn't give a second look just because it is so "dated."

Do you have a dated little piece like this that is ready for the curb...PAINT IT! 

A little chalk paint, a little distressing, poly seal and a new little knob. (The little shelf was chalk painted and distressed as well...I didn't even take an "after" picture and I don't think it lasted a day.)

So simple. Perfect for a little corner or nook that needs "something." Or a bedside table in the guest room.

I can not tell you how many little tables I have "rehabbed" over the years...and no matter how out-dated or ratty they are, they always turn out darling. 

Do you have a simple table in your house you really don't like? Give it a little makeover...you might just find that you love it again. And if not, trust me, it probably won't fetch any less at a garage sale!

For chalk paint I use a "homemade" recipe....

2 1/2 tablespoons of Plaster of Paris dissolved in 1 1/2 tablespoons of hot water.

Mix with one cup of latex paint. Mix well!

I tried the calcium carbonate recipe. I seriously disliked it. It was "gritty" even when I dissolved it in hot water. So for now, I'm sticking with the Plaster of Paris recipe!

After painting the piece with chalk paint, I distress it a tad and then I seal with a spray on poly. I know a lot of people are using wax, but I'm not a fan of wax as a furniture finish for several reasons! 

Today I started painting my old Duncan Phyfe dining room table. It's not that I don't like the table, I just like this one a little bit better.

But honestly...after chalk painting the base an off-white and painting the top black, I'm kind of digging it again. 

Painting an antique Duncan Phyfe table is something I thought I would NEVER do. But I am finding that there is just not a high demand for that "style" in their native mahogany. So for the sake of "resale," it is getting a makeover...and I know someone will LOVE it!

I will share the makeover as soon as I finish it up this week!