"The Graphics Fairy" chair....

I love bloggers who "share." No strings attached! That is what The Graphics Fairy does...they share their totally awesome graphics...anything and everything you could possibly want is there for the taking! They even provides graphics in reversed printable PDFs for transfers! 

I have my favorites and I have used them on several projects.

This is a little chair I picked up at an auction MONTHS ago. I stripped the upholstery, chalk painted it, and then it sat...and sat...and sat. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  

I finally decided that it needed something simple, no frills.

The simplest fabric to use for upholstery are paint drop cloths you can buy at your local DIY store. I used it here on an ottoman....

Drop cloth material is very easy to work with and super durable. I wash them in bleach first and then dry. A quick ironing and you have a lot of fabric for a little money. And the best part is you have a "blank slate" to add any graphic or design you want. Well, that, and if you mess up, you aren't kicking yourself because you just ruined fabric that cost $30 a yard...ON SALE!

I used the material here for my little painted bird pillows!

I went with the vintage French graphic for the back....

...and black piping and a few black nail heads just to give it a tiny bit of flare!

The side table was another simple little project. It is a very pretty walnut table, but it had little "do-dads" on the top...those little railing thingies (did I think to take a picture...no!)...and honestly, it was kind of "dark." I put it in my booth as it was, but it didn't sell so I brought it home, removed the little do-dads, filled the holes, sanded, and then gave it a little chalk paint/distress treatment. I don't expect it to last long now!