Easy fall project!

Brian and I made our annual trip to Colorado this past week so I haven't accomplished a lot. 

We had a blast! Zip lining through the Rockies....

fly fishing on the Colorado River....

and an amazing trip to the summit of Pike's Peak on a COG train....

Wonderful week! 

Fortunately I got all my fall decor up before we left...nothing much has changed since last year. A few little tidbits here and there but honestly, I just don't need anything new. After decorating for 15 years in this home, I have all the bases covered. Truth be told, it looks like fall puked in my house...lol! I still find cute little projects on Pinterest and other blogs, but nothing I can't live without.

So I thought I would share one of my all time easiest, cheapest and favorite projects.

The thing I love most about this project is that it can easily be changed for the season. Fall, Christmas...and even spring and summer! Last year I picked out the fall stuff, stuck it in a plastic bag and labeled it and then decorated it for Christmas. 

Here I show you how to make the "base." A wood box, tree branches, and filler...then just stick your "seasonal" froo-froo in the box! 

So simple...but a great little piece you can stick in a corner or on a table! And you can use whatever you have on hand.

This is my fall box...leftover silk flowers and leaves from wreath and urn projects and pine cones I picked up in my yard!

For Christmas, I filled the box with "crystal branches," dried babies breath and ornaments....all "leftover" stuff from a wreath I made last year!

After the season is over, I just pluck out all the seasonal stuff and stick it in a bag for next year! 

This year I stuck a few yellow sun flowers in the box for the summer. Unfortunately, our new "puppy" found them to be quite tasty...I think only 1 or 2 survived the summer! So far I have only lost 1 of the the 3 orange sunflowers in the fall box! Not sure what she is going to think about all the glittery "balls" in the Christmas box. Course right now, that is the least of my worries...I am praying my 9' Christmas tree and heirloom ornaments survive. 

Guess we will find out...as much as I LOVE this season, I know Christmas is just around the corner!