Why I paid too much for an antique child's rocker!

I pride myself in being "auction savvy." I set bid limits and usually stick to them. Rarely do I see anything at an auction that I HAVE to have. I am there to buy for resale....no emotion or personal attachments allowed...just business! 

Occasionally I am lucky enough to score a really nice piece for myself...like here, here and here!

Most of these pieces are things I love and want to add to my home decor. Naturally I will pay a tad more for something I want for myself, but I always consider the amount of time and work they will take to bring them up to par and I bid accordingly! (I have never walked away upset that I didn't get something...but I always regret paying too much!)

On very RARE occasions something throws me back in time and I get caught up in "sentimental bidding!" That is the WORST thing you can do at an auction. Absolutely THE worst. 

Which is why I paid WAY too much for this....

...a silly little child's rocking chair. 

I have no little children at home and both my grandsons are way too big for this thing! 

So why would I pay WAY too much for this chair (seriously, I am too embarrassed to even tell you how much I paid for it!)


Yes, that is me and I remember that chair. Sometimes I wonder if I only remember it because of the pictures, but I really do remember that chair...and that house. It was one my dad built when I was around 2 1/2 and we lived there until he went into the hospital with TB when I was 4.

The chairs aren't identical but the style of the one I bought was very similar, so I just had to have it.

Why? I don't know. I have no need for it and honestly no place to put it...but I literally felt myself flush with nostalgia that propelled me into a "sentimental" bidding war. 

I knew I couldn't keep it and I knew I could never sell it and recoup my costs. So for the past few months it sat in my garage. I worked on it a little at a time...first the paint, then the upholstery. 

But it can't languish in my garage forever so it is now ready for another little girl to cherish...and hopefully have very fond memories of when she is all grown up with children of her own....

Last year I shared this little rocker here....

I bought it at a garage sale and it was broken and abused. I didn't understand my nostalgic draw to it...after all, it was only a little rocker.

When I saw the rocker at the auction, it hit me. I finally understood why I loved these little chairs so much!

And that, my friends, is why I paid WAY too much for a silly little rocker!