Slow but steady change...MY secret to decorating...

I love to change things up but some change is kind of hard for me. I refinish furniture ...I paint walls...I install new flooring...I build entire rooms. But simple wall decor and knick-knacks tend to hang around for years...sometimes decades. 

This doesn't distress me too terribly much. As I have said before, I decorate with things I love and have meaning...naturally, I am not going to be swapping heirloom pieces out for meaningless knick-knacks! 

I like my living room. I've changed a few things here and there...a new coffee table...the new living room rug...the walnut side table. And I usually go all out for the holidays! Everything else has pretty much been here for a loooong time!  One of my favorite things is my funky little mid-century leaf clock...and of course I always love pictures of my kiddos.

I'm pretty sure the photos are from 6 years ago. Pretty pathetic.

Anywho, several months ago I picked up an awesome mid-century mirror. (Did I think to take a "before" this sucker is super heavy so I wasn't going to pick it up again to take a decent picture...this is as good as it gets.)

I just love that it is "different. It is walnut and well, me and walnut. But truth is, I am trying to "lighten and brighten" and I already have a lot of natural wood in this room so I decided to paint it.

Naturally, I painted it a plain ole' off white (BORing!)...but the fact is, I painted it. Yea me! I even "distressed" it. Yea me!

A little cloudy today so it is tough to get a "bright" picture!

I think the fall wreath adds a nice little element and dimension. I have a perfect Christmas wreath I will hang when I do my holiday decorations and I may check into one of those simple boxwood wreaths to put up after Christmas. If I can find the perfect frames, I may even update the kiddo's pictures and hang them on each side of the mirror.

The MCM leaf clock? Not sure...I love it, but it has no sentimental value so it could go. Who knows. 

So, I have updated my dining area a tad...and put up a PAINTED mirror...and I even made a few new little pillows for the sofa. 

Slow but steady progress.

I spent two days this week working on projects in the garage.

I have been really busy at work the last few weeks so projects had really piled up. My booths are stocked right now but things sell fast this time of the year so I need to have items ready to go on a minutes notice! And with the weather turning cooler, it is important to take advantage of nice days!

A dresser, bedside table, end table, lamps, primitive bookshelves...just to name a few. Lots to share in the coming weeks!