Parlor table before and after and a new crock pot recipe...

I ran across pictures of a table I forgot to share. It is a prime example of something that was in ratty shape and became something special with just a tiny bit of effort. No sold within days!

I picked this table up at Salvation Army....

Overall, the table was in pretty sturdy shape and I loved the turned legs and detailing. The top was veneer, but it was blistered and loose so I scraped it off.

A lot of these older pieces have veneered tops and sometimes it is in rough shape. No biggy...there is usually good, solid wood beneath the veneer. You may have to do some scraping and sand a bit, but the wood is good for stain or paint. I removed the veneer on this oak table and you would never know it...stained beautifully!

The table also had a little veneered decorative doo-dad on the bottom. I pried it off and used wood filler to fill the hole.

I chalk painted the bottom and distressed it a bit. I used Kilz and spray paint on the top but I had a few paint boo-boos so I ended up using mineral spirits to "distress" the top as well.

That is a little trick I learned recently. You would think spray paint and oil based paint would not be "distressable." Well, it is. Take a shop rag, saturate it with mineral spirits and then rub the edges to give it that distressed look. I did it on the top of this table and recently on some shelves I painted for my booth. I wanted to use oil based paint because it holds up a little better, but I wanted the "distressed/worn" look. Perfect.

This table is a tad ornate for my tastes but it is the perfect example of taking an abused and neglected piece and giving it new life! 


It is that time of the year...soups and stews! I like anything I can throw in the crock pot and serve up for dinner! I don't know why I think the crock pot is a "fall/winter" thing...truth is, it would probably be best to use it in the summer when you don't want to heat up the house. Maybe it is a "comfort" food thing!

Anywho, this is a recipe I found in Ann Rule's murder novel "Too Late To Say Goodbye". It's called "Jenn Corbin's Squash Soup." That is the lady who was murdered and this was one of her favorite recipes. (Macabre, but great recipe! And great book!)

As usual, I made it "by the book" the first time and then I tweeked it to my tastes.

So here is my take on "Jenn Corbin's Squash Soup." Hope you enjoy!