Garage sale madness...

I love going to garage sales, but getting ready for one wears me out!   A few of my neighbors are having sales this weekend, so it is the perfect opportunity to rid myself of a lot of stuff that desperately needs a new home!

Naturally I started with my house....I went through every closet, cabinet and dresser and pulled anything and everything I had not seen, used, or worn in the last year. 

I can't function if my closets and cabinets are stuffed and I don't have a problem getting rid of things I don't need or won't use!  Seriously, I haven't made a fondant cake in two I really need 3 boxes full of fondant cake decorating tools?

I even made my kids go through their stuff and pull their "cast offs."  I'm still waiting on Katie...she has been sick all week so I feel bad about making her go through her cabinets and closet, but honestly, she is the worst pack-rat in the house.  

After going through my house, I went to both flea market booths and spent hours pulling things that had not sold!  Truth be told, my booths look soooo much better! Even though I had been selling items, I was also stocking them on a regular there was A LOT of stuff that needed to go! 

I know there are people in the world whose garages look like this all the time.  But this would drive me totally mad if I had to live like this all the time!!!  Boxes and tubs and baskets FULL of anything and everything!  And believe it or not I am still piling stuff in there!! 

It is a one day Saturday this all goes away one way or another!  I have a die hard rule about garage sales...if it goes out, it does NOT come back in!!!  My unrealistic goal is to sell everything...but I know I probably won't.  So at the end of the day I will box up everything that did not sell and donate it to a local charity!     

I would like to think I will get my garage back after the sale.  But it is time to start getting ready for fall at home and at the booths.  So next week I begin the process of pulling fall decorations out of the attic and gearing up for the holidays!  

Someday I hope to be able to park my truck in the garage again.  Someday....