Stuffy old wingback fit for a teen....

First, let me make it clear....I am NOT a professional upholsterer.  Every time I tackle a chair I end up with numerous blisters and staple wounds. (not to mention the backache, knee pain and headache!)  And I am such a "perfectionist" on this kind of thing that all the little "oops" drive me nuts!  

And of course it always takes MUCH longer than I anticipate! 

This was my first attempt at reupholstering one of these puppies!  (see the before and after here)

 This is one of the chairs that has been sitting in my garage for months!!!  Every time I would pick a new project, I would look at it and have a complete mental block..... 

A little formal...a little "stuffy."  

I knew I didn't want formal or stuffy...I wanted fun and whimsey.

I knew it could be that. I just wasn't sure what direction to go with it. 

Again, I have issues with fabric... 

Out of the blue Katie decided she wanted it in HER room!  Seriously?  Nothing about this chair is her style.  But she wanted it, so we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick out a fabric. 

I assumed she would pick a bright funky floral or chevron or something "youngish." I thought 2-3 different fabrics would have looked cool!  Maybe a wild floral on the back...a geo design on the seat....2-3 coordinating fabrics all on one chair.  I've seen them, and I love, young and funky!

So when she picked out a "traditional" blue and white toile fabric, I was a bit taken aback.  And then she threw me a real curve ball when she said she wanted RED piping and buttons. With blue toile?  On a wing back chair? HUH??!!! 

But you know what...she was right.  I LOVE it!!!  Fresh AND funky!  And it knocked the formal and stuffy right out of the chair! 

I restructured the arms (major pain!) to soften the "lines" of the chair. Red buttons.  Red piping (can't see in the pictures but the entire back, sides and top have red piping).  A little red paint on the legs. A comfy little pillow! 


Just. Too. Stinking. Cute! 

I also made her a pillow sham out of an old coffee bean bag she picked up at her favorite coffee shop!

She has become quite the little decorator!  

When she told me she wanted her room (featured here!) to have grey chalkboard walls and an entire wall with a fail whale mural, I really questioned her decor taste. 

But she nails it...every time.   

And she loves her room. And THAT is what home decor is all about!!!  Creating a space filled with things you love!!