Chevron Chair before and after....


Again, I dug into a project and forgot to take a "before" shot!   

I remembered to take a picture about half way through the Kilz this is as good as it gets!   Imagine dark, dated and basically kind of ugly.....

Dark wood.  I'm a big fan of pretty wood, but I knew painting this chair a light color would really make it pop...and really update it! Not only was it a seriously ugly stained wood, it had a seriously ugly cushion on the seat, and another on the back.  I decided not to put a cushion on the back because I love the cane and it was in mint condition...a rarity!   I added a little "puff" to the seat cushion and eliminated the buttons to make the chair a little more comfortable and give it a "cozy" look.

Chevron...not my "taste" and honestly not something I would decorate with.  But it is all the rage right now and I knew if I was going to make this chair appealing to a buyer, I had to go with what is in.  And of course, this is "Razorback country" so anything red and white is going to be appealing!

So Chevron it is.... 

As always, two coats of kilz, sanding and tack cloth!  Then two coats of a pretty "off white" spray paint I am a little obsessed with right now. It is a Valspar brand and it is not too white, not too yellow...just right.

It does need a little pillow...and eventually, if it doesn't sell right away, I will make one.  

But for the next few days I need to get ready for VACATION!!!!  Yippppeeeee! 

Brian and I are headed to Colorado Friday for a week...sight-seeing, fly fishing, maybe even a little horse back riding.  Just a week to decompress and take in the fall colors!  The Aspens in Colorado in September are absolutely BREATH-TAKING!!!   If you have never been, go. I love skiing and I love the snow, but Colorado in fall is a must see! 

So this will be my last post for a week or so!  I will make sure I post some pictures when we get home. 

When I get home, it will officially be fall so it will be time for some major home decorating.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year...especially for decorating!!!  As you can see here I usually go all out...I can't wait!!!