MORE pillows....from "uh-oh" to "way cool"!

Last week I went to an "estate sale."  It wasn't a garage sale and it wasn't an honestly the prices were a bit much for my purposes.  But I did find a few things for myself.  I don't mind paying a tad more for something I am going to keep. 

One thing I found was a beautiful cotton shower curtain...absolutely gorgeous and really heavy and luxurious.  Perfect for my "spa" master bathroom (here).  

The only problem was when I got it up it just looked too "heavy" for my small bathroom!!!  

What to's not like I could take it back....uh-oh!!!! 


I loved the look and the texture!  It obviously would take some wear and wash since it is a shower curtain. So I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING with it!

I have SIX feather pillows on my bed.  Not decorative pillows, but actual sleep pillows.  I use 4 of them (seriously, I sleep with 4 pillows) but 2 of them are just too puffy and firm to sleep with so I just use them to prop up when I read!  

But I don't like all the froo-froo of shames and the fact that most have to be dry cleaned, so I have just plain ole' pillow cases on them!   I keep my bed pretty simple (for very rational reasons I explained here)

So I got to thinking....what a PERFECT and sensible way to dress things up a bit.  So I did what I hate to do...drug out the ole' sewing machine and went to work.   

I love the look of the grommets.

I made two pillow cases for the big fat feather pillows and two little decorative pillows...all with the grommets showing.  I thought about making "shams" but I like the more informal look of cases.  I also made 5 little decorative pillows that went in my flea booth! All out of ONE shower curtain!!!!

They really dress up my bed without the froo-froo of shams and the worry of having something on the bed that I can't toss in the washing machine when I spill my coffee on it (yeah, it happens!)  My other four still have the ratty but VERY comfy plain cotton cases, but I can hide them behind these two nice ones!  

Way cool..... 

And when I dug out the sewing machine I found all this scrap material....and a ton more in another closet.... 

....guess it is time to make some more pillows!