Rain, rain...stay awhile

Wow...I don't remember a July and August with this much rain.  Usually I am running my sprinkler 7 days a week by this time of the year!   Awesome!  

In "good ole' boy" terms, that means a second cutting of hay this fall!  For the rest of us, it means more mowing, less watering and HOPEFULLY really awesome fall colors!  

Saturday Kaitlyn and I went to an auction...when we left the house around 9 it was pouring and I wondered if they would even have the sale.  Fortunately it was a relatively small sale and they had everything under cover, but by the time we got there it had stopped raining.  Within an hour the rain jacket came off and by the time the sale ended it felt like a sauna.  By the time I finished loading the stuff I had bought, I was soaked...from sweat!  

There is a downside to all this rain...humidity and mosquitos!!!   

Upside, I don't feel guilty about not washing my outside windows...afterall, they are just going to get all spotty with all this rain! 

Anywho, I bought some nifty stuff at the auction this past week.  Some awesome crocks, wood sewing nic-nacs, washboards, old leather baseball gloves and some neat iron hooks to use on something!  

I only bought one piece of furniture...this little side table.  I decided not to paint it since it has the leather top!  I immediately cleaned it up and put it in a booth!

As you can probably tell, this is in one of my flea market booths...in Tontitown Flea Market.

I went out there this morning to take this picture and the owner (Kathy) had rearranged everything and "staged" my stuff...TOTALLY AWESOME!!!   It looks soooo much better than anything I could do!

I feel like I have "staged" my house pretty well...but flea booths have lots of "stuff" so it is hard for me to arrange it!  And this is a small space so she did a super job at maximizing the usable space! 

Also, I noticed the little blue oak chair had NOT sold (the blue wicker chair sold)...so I managed to get an "after" picture! 

Not a lot of "auction action" advertised for this weekend.  But I am sure I will find something on my garage sale trek today.  I have worked hard all week at the apartments so I will have some free time tomorrow to work on a few little projects I have in mind!   

Maybe I will remember to take "before" pictures!!!