Snooping around!

A year ago I thought I was the only Martha/Bob around...a woman who "does it all."  But when I started looking around on the net, I found a whole world of women who love to refinish, repurpose, cook, organize, garden...and many of them "do it all!"   

Two of my favorites are Lindsey at and Marion at

Lindsey features "before" and "after" projects...rooms and furniture before and afters.  Sooo much inspiration in her posts...and she is a very witty girl!  I really enjoy reading her posts and seeing all the "makeovers" people do.

Marian is a lot like me...she features what she is doing.  Her "design style" is a tad different than mine, but just reading her blog has given me a great deal of inspiration for my resale bug. So many of her design elements are trending right now.   

Both blogs give links to other it is easy to navigate the "blog world" through their websites. 

If you are looking for inspiration, take a few minutes and check out their sites.  I am sure you will find something you will love and a great deal of inspiration!   

Wives and mothers doing what they love and inspiring others to surround themselves with things they love!