Guest bath makeover....

It has been an eventful week...both good and as much as I am doing now, I thought I would feature one of the MANY projects I have completely over the years.

I wish I had "before and after" pictures of all the changes I have made in this house over the years.  Seems I am constantly "remodeling."  I am sure I have pictures somewhere...but as organized as I am, I really have no desire to dig for them because I am certain the last time I remodeled this room was "pre-digital" which means they are in an album somewhere. 

Fact is, a guest bathroom, or any small bathroom, is the PERFECT place to do a small little DIY project.  Even the simplest and inexpensive changes can make a big impact! Wall paint, painted vanity, new faucet, new art, new towels....simple things!

But this was a pretty "extensive" makeover and all started with the new granite.  This is a piece of the granite I used in my kitchen and got such a steal on at an auction. (see here for details about my granite deal)  

Initially this was a standard "builder grade" bathroom.... white marble top with a molded sink, standard faucet, mirror glued to the wall, cabinets stained to match the kitchen, an overhead "bar" light and a gaudy "faux paint treatment" that I swear was a the result of some hormone imbalance since I don't drink or do drugs...but I just don't think I would have done it in a "normal" state of mind!  

So when I installed new granite in all my bathrooms, it was time to do some serious "remodeling.", that is where I got this awesome sink and faucet.  They have some great prices on some really neat pieces.  Just read the reviews!    And since I have some minimal plumbing skills, I was able to do the work myself.  Seriously, plumbing is not THAT hard.  Give it a shot...what is the worst that can happen?  You have to call a real plumber and endure his smirk! (Been there done plumber now just openly laughs at me if I have to call!)

Tile backsplash.  Again, you don't need a lot of tile backsplash in a bathroom to make a real statement.  I think I only used 4-5 square feet on this one...and it really makes a big difference.   Easy DIY it!  Give it a try.  It is NOT hard to install a little tile backsplash!  Email me if you get stuck...I will walk you through it!

The builder grade mirror had to go!  But as I have warned before, when you remove those mirrors (with a pry bar, hammer, goggles, heavy boots, gloves and 7 years bad luck!!!) you WILL have sheetrock repair.  It's really not a biggy and NOT a difficult repair!  If anyone is really interested in a tutorial, I will be happy to share how easy it is!   Round mirror from Hobby Lobby.  I actually bought two other mirrors that didn't work before I finally found this one...sometimes home decor is just trial and error!  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!

Cabinets...just a little gel stain treatment (here)!   You can restain or even paint your cabinets and it will make a world of difference! There were no knobs or pulls on these cabinets, but remember, you can always paint metal if you can't afford to replace them right now!!!

One difficult project in this bathroom was changing the light fixtures.  The bathroom had a bar light above the mirror on the wall above the mirror.  I wanted these pendant style lights, which means I had to pull the wiring from the existing wall light into the ceiling, wire for two additional lights and then repair the hole where the old light fixture was on the wall!   Again, I can do a tutorial on this, but there are good tutorials all over the internet.  And if you just don't feel qualified to make these changes, call an electrician.  At most, it is an hour job (if you have all your electrical supplies and light fixtures...ask your home improvement store people for help!) and well worth the money!  Fortunately, I have a wonderful son-in-law who is an electrician. I have learned a lot from him over the years so I was able to do this myself!

And don't forget...even if you can't afford the cost to replace your light fixtures, YOU CAN PAINT THEM!!!  Sometimes just a little paint can make a world of difference!  In my opinion, it is always easier to take the fixture down to paint it...its usually a matter of removing a couple of nuts or screws and disconnecting three little wires.  JUST MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF THE POWER!!!!

Wall paint...again, DO NOT PICK A COLOR AT THE STORE!!!  Bring home the samples and look at them in YOUR light!  And invest in the little sample pots and paint HUGE splotches on the walls and give them a day or two! When I do this, I always love my paint color...when I don't, I always end up changing it...never fails!

I have had these prints since day one.  Originally the frames were black and gold to match whatever decor style I had going at the time.  Still liked the prints but wasn't feeling the I taped off the glass, sprayed the frames with the brush nickel paint...simple update!

And the final I am still not reeeeal sure about.  Again, if you don't love it, change it...and after a few months, I'm not sure I really love this look.  But right now, it is what it is.   

I saw it on Pinterest...collected a bunch of inexpensive frames from thrift stores and garage sales, took out all the backing and glass and painted them all white.  Ho-hum...thought it would grow on me...still waiting. 

Again, it's the little changes that make a big impact.  Even if you can't invest in new tops or light fixtures, do what you can...a few little changes can make a big difference!   

And remember, keep an eye out for inexpensive bargains on paint, tile, fixtures...sometimes you can't do it all at once.  Make it a process!   

But don't do something just because it is "cheap."  Wait until you "feel it."   

Love it from day one and you will love it for a long time!