Plaster paint...testing one, two, three....

Yesterday I spent another day "repurposing" a few of my garage sale and estate auction finds.  

I have never bit the "plaster/chalk paint" bullet, but I finally gave it a try.  After all, inspite of the fact that it is not my cup of tea, the "shabby chic" look is all the rage and if I am going to test the resale waters I really need to get my "design mind" in the 21st century.

As I have mentioned, I am "old school."  I learned from my father who would NEVER use polyurethane or paint a beautiful piece of furniture.  I still won't use poly (except on flooring) but I am slowly warming to the paint thing.  

But flat paint and raw wood showing on a piece of furniture is just a bit much for this ole' school gal.  But again, times and market demand.  So I gave it a shot.

There are several brands of chalk/plaster paint on the market.  And at some point I do plan on purchasing some.  The Eco Chic lady who is opening the flea market here in town actually sells a brand of plaster paint! But while experimenting I decided to go the cheap route and make my own. Google's out there and I really don't want to endorse any homemade versions just yet since I am just starting out!

My, not so much.  I just personally still prefer the "whole paint" look.  I have an oak dining chair that would be perfect for a "shabby chic" look, but I just couldn't bring myself to take the plunge.  I went with a high gloss black and plan on recovering the seat with a black and white damask.  I know... very "formal" but in my opinion that is what the chair needs.  

I did do some frames and a few other pieces with the technique.  And I like the look I got on those pieces. I am working on a little side table and am reserving judgment until it is finished. .  So I do believe I will use it often....just maybe not with ALL the furniture pieces.

We'll see how it can teach an old dog new just have to be a little patient!