The 3-legged table....

Several months ago I posted a picture of this pathetic little 3 legged table I brought home from the apartments.

This little table had some serious issues.  It was missing a board that goes between two legs (I think it originally had a little drawer) and one leg had completely come off.  But with a new piece on the back and a little glue and clamping, I was able to put it back together.

As you can see, the finish was in pretty bad shape so I took some Formby's wood stripper to it and removed all the old varnish, painted the legs with the "homemade" plaster paint, sanded and put a few layers of tung oil on the top.

Removing the old, nasty varnish really let the wood grain shine through!!!  I seriously contemplated just refinishing the entire piece but I thought this would be a good one to experiment with the plaster paint.  

It turned out pretty cute...especially considering the condition it was in!

Aside from the repairs it needed, it was a fairly simple "redo."  If you see a little table like this for a few dollars, take it home and experiment on it.  This one is mahogany and the wood grain is beautiful...and tough.  You can't do too much damage to it!  And it is a small and simple project for any beginner!