Pretty storage boxes....

As I have mentioned, I am not really a big fan of "pretty storage boxes."  The kind that makes you open a pantry door and go "AHHHHH!"  I mean, they are pretty and everything...and they sure make a closet or pantry look pretty and organized...but the truth is who REALLY knows what is in all those boxes.  Again, labels mean nothing to me...and truthfully it is just too tempting to just toss stuff in a box when you can't SEE what is really in there.

I like plastic bins and boxes  But I stumbled across this really pretty little ribbon box at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would be a good way to organize all my rolls of ribbon!  There is a little dowel rod in the box and you put your rolls of ribbon on the rod and then string the ribbon through the slit in the side of the box.

Yes, it looks pretty.  Yes, you can see all the ribbons.  UNTIL YOU MOVE IT...then all the little ribbon ends suck back up into the box and you are right back where you started...a box of now you have to take the dowel rod out of the box and slide all the spools of ribbon off to get the one you want which in turn just messes it all up!

Nice thought...but really not practical.  I like the ribbons will be stored in the pretty little box (afterall, I did pay $7.99 for it!), but they will just be piled in there with little pins in the ends to keep them from unraveling all over the place!

It would have been cheaper and just as pretty to cover a shoe box with scrapbook paper...but it would have been even cheaper and practical to use a clear storage box.