BRAG ALERT....My "even" brained daughter....

My kids act like it is embarrassing to be featured on Mom's website.  But I think secretly they get a big kick out of it!

My youngest, Katie, is seriously smart.  She scored a 30 on her first shot at the ACT...and she is only 15!  She is a whiz at math and science and one of the top debaters in the I always assumed she was very "left-brained" know, those analytical, smarty pants kinda people.

But she is also very artsy and creative!  Earlier I featured an art piece (here) she made when she was in elementary school...I LOVE this picture!


It is one of those "things I love" and it just makes me smile when I look at it!

Recently she started working on a few new artsy projects.  I went into the garage one day and she had cans of spray paint scattered all over the floor and was just spraying away!!!  WHAT THE HECK!!!!

But the final results of her manic spray sessions turned out some really creative and beautiful pictures! 

And she did EVERY bit of this with cans of spray paint!  Just beautiful!!  (Like her!)

It's nice to know that another one of my children got a tad of their mother's creativity. (She had a breath-taking solo in the spring concert last week....thankful she did NOT get her mother's voice!) And this proves to me that one can be very "left" brained and still have the "right" brain creativity!  So even if you understand those math equations with letters in it, you can still be creative!!

I have asked her to create a few more of these...I was thinking about putting one in one of the wood windows....that would look soooo cool!  And I definitely want to frame one and find someplace where it can be admired.

Maybe I will frame her ACT scores and display them together!!