Biting the flea market bullet....

Well...I have finally talked myself into doing the flea market thing!  As in SELLING at a flea market...getting a booth and actually expanding my "business" to the resale world.

A new flea market/consignment store is opening here in town.  It is a "high end" type thing and the only reason I am considering it is because she has promised to keep the "junk" out!  Not that I don't love the "junk."  After all, another man's trash can always become our treasure!

I desperately need an outlet for all my "creative juices"....a place were I can sell all these little pieces I have spent so much time transforming.  I know I won't make any money on them.  But I might recoup some of my costs to "repurpose" and I like the thought of these pieces going to a home where they will be loved and cherished.  And to be honest, I am plum out of room to keep this stuff!!!!

My biggest fear is that the need to cover the cost of the booth will turn this "hobby" of mine into work...and that is NOT what I want to happen.  I want to enjoy the process and I don't want to think about how much I can make off of it or if I will recoup my expenses.  After all, I normally just give my pieces away or try to cram them into my house! 

Friday and Saturday I went to a few garage sales and flea the snow!!  It was cold and dreary but I forgot how much I enjoy pilfering through other peoples "stuff."  Sunday, Brian and I spent the entire afternoon at an estate can I do some serious damage at an estate auction!!

I was looking for things I could use to decorate and fill my booth.  I came up with a few things and I think if I go in with my ever-so-crafty neighbor Trish (she is out of town and doesn't know I have already planned a new business for her!) we could put together a really fun and creative space! Trish is a "hoarder" of all things seasonal...wreaths, garland, yard ornaments...anything and everything for every holiday of the year.  And she use to work for a flower shop as a floral design tech.  So I really think she can create a beautiful space....I will do all the heavy repurposing and she can do all the froo-froo stuff.  I can't wait for her to get home next week so I can share the news!!!

In the meantime, I have a lot of stuff to organize and go through!  The hardest part for me is going to be the mess in my garage for the next month until the new market opens!  Again, just a tad too OCD to have this stuff piled in my garage for very long.  I didn't think parking my truck in the driveway would be an issue...after all it is spring! Hahahahahahahaha!  Who would have thought I would have to get snow off the truck in MAY!!

Sometimes when I go to estate auctions I see things I really love and I just have to have!  This estate had some really beautiful yard ornaments and I couldn't resist these three pieces.  I will pay more for things like this because I know I am going to keep them...probably not the smart way to approach it, but I'm pretty sure I would never sell these!

This little guy is perfect for the swing pergola!

Beautiful little cast iron bird bath!!!

I have wanted a little table and chairs for some time...this was the right price and perfect for my deck!

Ahhhhh....a lab puppy....who could resist!

Stay tuned for updates on the flea market adventure!  

In memory of Mrs. Betty is obvious she found treasures all around her and it is an honor to display the things she once cherished in my home!  Thank you Simco family for sharing her beautiful home and cherished possessions with us!