Do not shop with men....

I love it when Brian will "flea shop" with me!  Normally he won't go in the thrift stores ...says they smell funny...but he does like the little flea markets and antique stores. He keeps me from buying stuff I really don't need.  But occasionally he stops me from buying something I really want AND is priced well.

Several weeks ago we went "flea shopping" at one of my favorite little shops in Rogers.  One of the vendors was having a 50% off the ceramic crock I have been desperately wanting for outdoor planting, which was priced at $125, was only $62.50!  No chips, no cracks, no flaws...exactly what I have been looking for!

I REALLY wanted one of these crocks.  My mom has had one on her front porch for as long as I can remember.  And as I told you, I am constantly on the hunt for perfect, unique planters...and this fit the bill.

But NOOOOOO, Brian talked me out of it...and being the kind and sweet person I am, I obliged.  (This is were I will remind you we are not married and I have my own money...we just have one of those respectful relationships...the kind that makes us not do things we want to do when the other poopoos the least while the other is around!)

Last week when I was picking up my mega Brasilia find in Fayetteville, I found 2 of these crocks in their store...FOR TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS EACH!!!  I was rather annoyed that I didn't pick up the less expensive one, IN MINT CONDITION MIND YOU, weeks earlier!

So today, having a few minutes to spare, I went back up to the flea market in Rogers...I was certain the crock would be gone since the vendor was selling out weeks ago...but there it was...waiting on ME!  I was sooooo thrilled! 

I bought it and promptly called Brian and told him that the bitterness and hostility I was secretly harboring was gone. He is one lucky guy!

I also found this really cool mirror for $15.00...not sure what I am going to do with it...other than paint it!  I have this blank wall next to my front door that is crying out for SOMETHING and I am thinking this mirror might be a good "anchor" for some kind of wall decor thingy bopper....who knows.  I just liked it's "bones" and I know it will be nifty when I get it painted up!