Before and After dresser....

Yesterday Brian and I took off and went trout fishing for the day!  OH MY!  I am sore and sunburned...and I loved every minute of it!  Sometimes you just have to say to heck with the yard work and go have a little fun! Awesome day with my best friend!

But Saturday was a busy day.  My neighbors came over to show off their new grandson and I found a perfect home for a precious little dresser I have been working on!  Just so happens they NEED a dresser and I NEED to find it a good home.  Done!

As you can see, it was missing a drawer so I added a shelf...perfect spot for little storage baskets.  I painted the "box" white, the drawers a pretty green and stained the top with my favorite java gel stain.  I originally put little crystal knobs on the drawers, certain it would go to a little girl, but when I found out it was going into a boy's room I changed the knobs to brush nickle...just thought it was more appropriate for a little boy!  And I am going to throw in a cute little cork board I made up and featured earlier! 


The great thing about these little dressers is the fact that as the little boys grows, the drawers will be easy to paint to match any decor! 

Another "trash to treasure"...a piece of furniture destined for the dumpster but given new life and new home with just a little time and attention!