Swing into spring...

NOW is the time to do this project...too stinking hot in the summer and you will want to enjoy it during the lazy days of summer!

I have built 5 of these swing pergolas...two at my house, one at my daughter's first home, one at her current home and one for a neighbor.  It is not a difficult project to built but one that requires two sets of hands and a little muscle!  And with everything, patience!!!

I have posted a tutorial HERE.  It is not a terribly difficult project and one I think most DIYers could easily manage.

This is the SUPER sized pergola I built onto my house about 11 years ago...I won't even begin to tell you how it is constructed...but I can promise you, if the house is blown away, it will probably still be standing!  And notice the wisteria canopy...seriously, that stuff is CRAZY!