Cabin fever....

We are on day 4 of a winter storm.  The sleet and ice came in Thursday, followed by about 8 inches of snow Friday. High temperatures in the low 20s so nothing is melting.

Day one isn't so bad because of the anticipation and I knew I was prepared. Day two is okay because it is so nice to wake up and know you have no where to go (and couldn't get there if you did).  Fire is cozy. Chili and soup in the crock pot. Maybe a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Day three I start to get a little stir crazy...but there were a few good football games on so it wasn't horrible.  Pretty much a typical Saturday without an auction!

But by today, I was done with this stuff!  I had Brian take me to Walgreens and Target just so I could do some non-essential coupon shopping!!  And as soon as the leftover chili and soup had been served for lunch, the rest went in the garbage disposal. 

The only highlight today was a small spike in the temperatures...a whooping 30 degrees!  But that was enough for Katie, Brandon and his girlfriend Taylor to get out and make a snow man.....

And the Ginger dog even got in on the action.

No school tomorrow...and the roads are still pretty bad!  It's days like this I am reminded why I have to live somewhere with four seasons!  As much as I love Colorado, I don't think I could do this for 6 straight months!!!