The most important tradition of!

If we are smart, we set budgets for our Christmas giving.  

So before we get too far into the season, I want to challenge each and every one of you to budget for a very special gift!  The gift of "random acts of giving."

For years our family participated in the Angel Tree...and I still think it is an important thing to do as a family.  But several years ago I decided that I wanted to make an immediate impact on as many people as I could.

Random acts of giving...

Every year I put 5 $20 bills in my wallet.  When I "hear" a tug, I give one away to a complete stranger.

I've given them to Sonic car hops, strangers in line at the gas station, a small child in the checkout line at the grocery store....whenever my heart says "give." 

Trust me...if you listen very carefully, your heart will tell you the person to give it to. And trust me, it will be a person who desperately needs it.

Take the challenge....

Merry Christmas!