'Twas the LIGHT before Christmas....

I did it...a clever title....hahahahaha!

Okay not so clever...I try.  But I do think some of my holiday decorating is clever.  For the mere fact that it is relatively inexpensive, super easy to put up and makes a pretty big impact!

Several months ago I featured a few light fixtures I spruced up with a little paint...my dining light being one of them!

It is a tad more "traditional" than my current design tastes, but as I pointed out it is one of my favorite things to decorate during the holidays.

In the fall, it gets a simple fall garland....

And of course, Christmas....

A strand of plain ole' green garland, stick in a few berry picks, and then maybe a few hanging ornaments.  This year I added some white picks and some little "crystal" doodads I got on clearance at the fabric store last year.  

This year I didn't change out the shades.  I have a set I bought on clearance and painted gold.  One year I am going to cover them in plaid or paint them red...maybe add some beaded edging...something.  But it isn't on my list of things to do this year so...whatev.

Simple.  Inexpensive.  Big impact.  Perfect.