A week to give thanks....

It is a shame so many people limit themselves to ONE day of "thanksgiving."  We should be thankful for every day and every person who touches our lives!  EVERY day!

Thanksgiving should be the day we celebrate the things and people we are thankful for!!

It is no secret I am thankful for my family.  And tomorrow I will celebrate with the people I am most thankful for! 

I have featured my grandparent's china here and here.  But I have never featured one of my FAVORITE pieces I inherited from my Great-grandmother. A turkey platter!  I remember my great-grandmother serving our turkey dinner on this platter the years we spent the holiday with them in Dallas.

I forgot to feature it in "My Favorite Things" because I normally store it on the top of my cabinets and only thought of it when we needed it to serve the turkey!

That was a mistake.  I am so thankful for my family...past and present...and from this day forward it will be displayed with all the other family heirlooms I have inherited!

Make an effort to incorporate a "family treasure" in your holiday celebrations.  Even if it is just a tiny token.  

After all, if it were not for them, we would not be here to celebrate with our family and loved one.