Christmas stockings....

I can't believe it is time to start featuring Christmas decor.  I have been trying to get my son to take "professional" pictures of my fall decor so I can feature it, but time is running out.  In a week, it will all come down and the Christmas will go up! 

This week has just flown by!  I'm still in "Monday mode."  But I have had 3 vacancies in the last week and my new on-site manager is just moving in, so I have been working every day.

Last night I got to go to "teen court."  Interesting process.  My baby daughter had a little fender bender in her new car.  Didn't hurt the other car, but it deployed her airbag. Any idea how much one of those puppies cost?  A pretty penny, but not as much as it would cost long term to claim it on insurance. So she has to pay 1/2 the cost of the repairs and the worst...her car has sat in the driveway for two months.  

Anywho...teen court.  She pled guilty to "careless driving" Tuesday and agreed to go to "teen court" last night. She had to get up on the stand and a "jury" of 6 of her peers asked her questions about school, work, the accident, driving record, etc.  Then they "deliberate" and hand down the sentence.  She got 10 hours of community service, a defensive driving course and 4 weeks of "jury duty."  Nice little lesson. 

So in my tiny bit of spare time I have been doing a little sewing.  Again, not my favorite thing to do but I had a little leftover burlap and fabric and wanted to make something special for Christmas.  

As I have mentioned, chevron and burlap are not necessarily my "decorating tastes" but I knew these would look cute in my flea booth.  And both are really popular right now. I have to admit, I really think these turned out cute!

One of my favorite things on these stockings are the little "tags."  I made them out of large paint stir sticks.  First I cut the sticks in 4" pieces. I painted one side and the edges a festive color (red on some, teal on a few), painted the other side with chalkboard paint, drilled a whole in the end and tied them on each stocking with festive ribbon.  Cute....

I made a few extra chalkboard tags to sell by themselves. I think they would be neat to tie on a big gift....maybe one too big to a bike or Barbie house!  Or someone could add them to their own stockings! 

The stockings are one of the "Pinterest" projects I tagged eons ago. Not a hard project and takes very little fabric.  And as always, if you can sew a straight stitch, you can make one!