Window signs....

I have sooo much to share this week.  I even started a tutorial on sewing pockets on t-shirts and then somehow "lost" the entire thing...grrrr!  So annoying.  Later. 

I went to an awesome auction Saturday.  Matt was my auction buddy this weekend. Brian had a memorial service to attend but showed up for about 30 minutes, loaded the "junk" I had already bought, and then decided he was not interested in hanging around a "junk yard" sale.  Admittedly, it was pretty nasty.  And the stuff I brought home was major nasty. As always, there are little treasures hidden behind the muck and yuck. So I spent Sunday scrubbing, repairing and organizing and I will share some nifty pieces eventually!

But for now I want to share a simple little project I completed last week. My window guy gave me some old windows a few weeks back.  I have shared a few little projects here and here and of course old wood windows are all the rage on Pinterest and blogs. I was fortunate to have old windows from remodel projects and my window guy, but you can pick them up at most flea markets for a few bucks.

An old wood window, a little latex (or acrylic) paint, a little burlap and you too can make a nifty Christmas wall decor.  I made one for my flea booth in Tontitown because I needed a sign.... 

First I used my Photoshop application to make and print out the letters.  No, I don't have a printer that prints that large...I had to put 1-2 letters on each page, print and then tape them together.  Then I taped the paper sign to the BACK of the (clean) window pane, traced the lettering with a dry erase marker on the FRONT, took off the paper sign and painted the BACK of the window pane with latex paint.  It took 3 coats to get decent coverage. Then I stapled burlap on the back of the window.  

It is easy to clean the front of the window because all the lettering is painted on the back.  And honestly, if I ever want to change this out, all I have to do is remove the burlap, scrape the paint off with a razor blade and start over...easy!

I have another window like this and I thought it would look neat to do a Christmas sign...maybe do "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in a pretty script and then back it with red burlap! 

If I ever get around to it, I will share! 

Simple little project that would look cute hanging on the wall for the holidays!