Fall craft fairs....

This weekend is the annual "fall craft fairs" in Northwest Arkansas.  I love going to the craft fairs, especially out to War Eagle, but this year I will miss the festivities. 

My oldest son had a little documentary made about his college football "career" and I am headed to Hot Springs for a showing at the annual Hot Springs film festival.   He came home last Saturday and since he will have to be in Hot Springs for the weekend, I decided I would have more fun spending the weekend with my older kiddos than eating strudel and fighting crowds!  

But that doesn't mean I don't have to gear up for the craft fairs.  After all, I have several booths at local flea markets and they will (hopefully) get slammed this weekend with thousands of people looking for deals and bargains on crafts, furniture, holiday decor and much more. 

Honestly, I primarily go for the food. But I do stroll around (while stuffing my face) and do a little "look/see" at all the nifty things people bring.  So many talented and creative people!   

I have been gearing up for this weekend for some time.  But of course there are always those little last minute projects that need to be completed, hauled and staged.    And I want to make sure my booths are well stocked and organized!

Due to a very unfortunate incident that I don't wish to discuss (lets just say I had a dishonest onsite manager...I was on vacation three weeks ago...you figure it out!) I had a few pieces I "inherited" and wanted to paint and stage before this weekend.... `


Corner shelf


Wall mount plate shelf

Pine shelf

"Dora" toy box


Side table...BEFORE

Side table...BEFORE

I also had a little antique wash board that has sat in a booth unsold for a couple of months.  I decided to doll it up a bit! 

And this is what I ended up with.... 

Side table....AFTER! 

I really love how the little side table turned out.  I painted it the same color as the side table in my den, and I was seriously tempted to keep it!  I think it is "simple" yet "elegant."  But I don't really NEED it...so off it goes.  I'm sure someone will love it!

I pretty much just cleaned up the shelves and table and gave them a "KSTP" (kilz/sand/tack/paint) treatment!  I used chalk paint on the larger shelf and gave it a little "distressing"  before applying a top coat. The corner shelf unit is kind of a cheapo particle board piece, so I painted it but I won't actually resell it...I just can't bring myself to sell "junk" so I will just use it as a corner piece to display smaller stuff. 

I used chalk paint on the old wash board and chalkboard paint on the side without the old advertisement.  I thought it would be a cute piece for someone's laundry room!

The silver platter is featured here and the old saw is another piece that hasn't sold.  So I painted "Welcome" on it and thought it might be a nifty little decor piece for someone who likes that kind of thing.

Funny thing about stuff that doesn't sell.  Usually when I bring it home and "repurpose" it, it sells within days!  Most people just want it "done" and have neither the time nor desire to "DIY."  That's okay...I like being creative and it means a lot to me that someone likes my creativity!  

The toy box...hum...even after I painted it, I'm not really "feeling" it.  I am going to keep it here for now and I am seriously thinking about making a little cushion for the top and maybe doing something nifty with the inset on the front...painted textured wallpaper maybe?  I don't know, but it just doesn't feel finished!   

I also made another fall wreath.  I had a grapevine wreath laying around and I still have fall decor leftover from my urn projects! Pretty....

Someday I MIGHT remember to take my camera to my booths and take a picture of all these nifty things AFTER I have them staged...but honestly, I am lucky to remember to take pictures before I load them up!!!