Our annual trip out west and a little reset....

Our annual trek west! This year we had to make the trip a week early because of Brian’s work schedule so we decided to go a little bit north and try to catch the Aspens AND see a part of the country we have wanted to see for years…Jackson, Wyoming, The Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone.

The Aspens were just starting to turn so we missed them in all their glory…. but the trip did NOT disappoint! We spent a few days exploring Jackson, Wyoming, toured Yellowstone, biked in the Grand Teton National Park, toured “Mormon Row,” and took the tram to the top of Teton Village Ski Resort.

We saw critters (lots of bison, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, moose…but no bear) …

We saw Old Faithful….

We fished the Snake River IN the Grand Teton National Park…

I wish I was a “travel blogger.” I know I can not do this area justice with words or pictures. I took HUNDREDS of pictures and could post them all…but let me just say…GO!!!! See Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone for yourself! It is a trip that won’t disappoint!

As always, I love seeing new places but I am always happy to be home! And of course this trip always marks the start of my absolute favorite time of the year…fall.

Unfortunately we came home to temperatures pushing 90….YUK! Oh well, I cranked up the AC and started decorating the house for fall….

I may share a bit of my fall decor but as I have said before, little changes from year to year. I did do a little makeover in my dining room this year so I did pick up a few little things for the table and buffet.

Simple…a few faux pumpkins, faux flowers and antlers…a buffalo check cashmere scarf makes a perfect table runner.

While I was working on my fall decor I decided to rearrange one of my living room bookcases. Originally this bookcase housed one of my favorite author’s collection.

Brian has inherited his grandfather’s old cameras so I decided to try to display those…


I know I have said time and again I am NOT a knick-knack person…but I swear every single thing in this bookcase is an “heirloom.”

I like it…sometimes just moving things around gives an area of your home new life!

Happy Fall!